Contrails or Chemtrails, is there a difference?


Oct 16, 2004 1932Z 1:32pm Local
Contrails or chemtrails, I don’t care. They are having an effect on our skies our weather and ultimately our climate and this, by default, is by design. They must be acknowledged then fully studied and understood by the meteorological and the climate community! NASA now wants us to count the contrails for them; this must mean that this project is over their/there heads too. Puns are intended.

July 2005 Since I first posted the site back in October 2004, many insights into the reasons for and why the contrails/chemtrails are flown, have come into my understanding. The arrows in the above image (please look at the large frame) relate to specific happenings or boundaries of energy located within this specific frame. The contrails are flown to map the sky of these scalar/EM energy signatures and to make what is invisible visible. It is that simple. This is the sole reason for the chemtrails! The extent of the weather manipulation must be known at all times in as many locations as physically and fiscally possible. This knowledge directly results in how we, the US, will fight back against the other weather makers that don’t have our (the US’s) best interests at heart. So this contrail marking program is near real time surveillance of the scalar happening in the sky. This is why the planes are very, very active before the arrival of any storm of substantial size, regardless of season. The contrails are incapable of affecting this kind of weather in any sensible means; so the thoughts that they are capable of killing rain/thunderstorms upon arrival is not valid. The collapse of rain making storms is a result of ionic strikes and not the chemtrail planes that are there looking for the ionic strikes.

By 1951Z 1:51pm Local Just 29 minutes later versus the previous image
Just 29 minutes later the two of the four tracks-these east bound-continue to fan out. Net result, more high cloud cover.

Some think that the chemtrail mission is directly related to the late Dr. Edward Teller’s infamous white paper advocating aerosol spraying as a means towards global climate control. Dr. Teller, known throughout the world as the “father of the hydrogen bomb,” did write such a paper and it is still downloadable from the Internet as a PDF document here:

I now know this is disinformation at least in regards to its relation to the chemtrails. There simply is NO relationship here. If this were the case it would be openly public and a lot of taxpayer dollars would have been thrown at the problem of climate control or UV reduction/filtering.


This is a serious project that is stunningly immense in scope, at a minimum several hundred aircraft are active daily (probably close to 800)… the intent of the aircraft has been the focus of the debate. Some Information is here to settle that dispute.

October 2004: This debate was the last area I ever wanted to get into. I felt late to the game, and great research had already been done. But with a camera always at my side it would be just a matter of time before I ‘caught’ one of the active over flights spraying its cargo overhead. Below is that first picture I shot on August 29th at about 2pm Mountain. Now that I have seen one, and know what to look for these flights are so numerous, often several in the sky simultaneously, I wonder how I missed seeing them! Understanding why they flew never would have entered my mind had I not been familiar and understood Retired Lt. Col. Tom Bearden’s work at

Here is information that plays strongly into the linkage you will begin to grasp from my SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) section, thereby seeing the reason why the chemtrail activity remains urgent.

The following is a link to and an excerpt from a letter submitted to the site last July (July 04). This is a highly important essay read.

Those that are aware of the aerosol spraying (which is a surprisingly small number) and believe it has to do with the climate are actually the closest to the truth. But the truth is so shocking, so unnerving, and so likely to cause huge social and economic upheaval, that it is understandable why the “powers that be” have elected to attempt this planetary rescue mission while keeping most of the world in the dark. Indeed, even most of the crews that fly the missions out of air force bases around the globe in specially re-fitted Lockheed and Boeing jets do not understand the true nature of their mission. The full scope of the mission is only revealed on a need-to-know basis. And what initially began as an American project has now been joined by almost every air force of every nation on Earth. Large, politicized organizations like The Sierra Club and Greenpeace and politicians like Al Gore may still be beating the “evil industry is causing global warming” drum, but they are ignorant of the facts. The hand wringers over the stalemated Kyoto Protocol don’t know or understand that their rather draconian agreement could have been passed and enforced to the letter and it would make not one iota of difference to the massive upcoming climate change ahead of us. It is analogous to attempting to stop a rampaging flood with a few, feeble sandbags.

Less than eight years ago the United States took the lead and instituted a brilliant and bold project borne out of desperation: creating a thermal, anti-radiation barrier in a band of our atmosphere beneath Earth’s troposphere. Although the project itself may cause some planetary climate change, it is calculated to cause far less damage than the events that have been extrapolated to occur in our near future. It is a two-edged sword as the aerosol spraying will undeniably affect some individuals making them sick or otherwise affecting to an extent their immune systems and respiratory systems. The trade off, however, is long term survival of our civilization.

Read the whole letter. I do take issue with some minor details, but on the whole the assertions remain sound. That the Sun is being stimulated by an outside civilization and we are trying to slow those climate altering effects on the Earth with this spraying.

I suppose that it is possible, and this is very disturbing, that there is a set timetable (sometime before 2012) to tip the entire climate system into chaos prior to the next ice age; this spraying and its attendant warming will insure that the ocean and atmospheric warming will continue at its increasingly rapid rate that is just now being realized by climatologists. This ultimately ends in the failure of the North Atlantic thermo cline and a fresh global ice age. Now this event would end civilization, at least as we know it today. In either case this project deserves immediate public scrutiny.

What then happens to a deep blue clear sky is this:

Seeding the sky for high cloud overcast. Something I now have to account for in the daily five-day forecast. I cannot begin to count the number of days that should have been sunny–from sunup to sundown-that have been changed by this activity. Clear days are now a much more rare commodity.


Ah, and the new colors to enjoy in the clouds as a result of this spraying of a pale green and salmon/pink.


Beautiful, and it would be more so if it were natural. No this isn’t just the natural refraction of water ice by sunlight. Yes, there is some of this occurring, but the colors are refractions of Ba & Al— Barium and Aluminum the metallic content of these contrail flights.


Squares PLUS Chemtrail colors, eerily beautiful.


Oct 14, 2004 1830Z 12:26pm Local
Oh my, aren’t we busy! I am shooting low looking toward the southern horizon. The short trail headed south is a marker flight just as the other two are. One is east bound and the other west both looking/marking EM signatures/boundaries. Contrail duration often will help us sort out the commercials from the marking program. We have NO north-south commercial traffic over eastern Idaho, the coasts are the destinations giving us SE to NW flight paths overhead. Usually the commercials leave no trails what so ever. I would anticipate that the powers that be would introduce a marking mixture that would leave no trail visible to the naked eye truly allowing these plane to work nearly completely covertly.

The wider view below showing how the clouds are spreading out revealing the moments of the upper atmosphere and jetstream.

October 14, 2004 1833Z 12:33pm Mountain
Seeding the sky for the formation and generation of a warming canopy of cirrus clouds that reveals the inner workings of the scalar EM altering of the jetstream and adjacent layers of atmosphere.

This contrail simply rolls over when it reached a different zone of shear.



February 2005 North Carolina I tell you they never go back when I forget something!

Hard at work first thing in the morning. Plenty of lateral sheer happening with the EM weather makers; and we must know just how much the atmosphere is being altered. Contrails give us that information. I know it is ugly, but it has to be done.


The arrowed location is at the intersection of three contrail lines. It just happens to be the point at which one of the contrails rolls over in an area of strong lateral shear artificially introduced into the sky. We would have never known about it without the chemtrails. With a grid like this you can tell they are hunting scalar activity.


Sun dogs are so common now as the contrails are constantly seeding the atmosphere with condensation nuclei which result in these solar phenomena during every season and now everywhere. Note, as well, how the contrail fans out and then fades away toward the clearing in the clouds at the lower portion of the picture. The contrail was deliberately flown through that specific cloud opening to understand what was happening there. This is valuable information for the weather makers.


Contrails, scalar rippling, and a solar arc. The contrail was likely flown looking for the boundary to the rippling seen in the upper right of the image. This is Northern California, if I recall correctly.

A nice true color image from NASA looking at the back edge of a storm that is just clearing the western Great Lakes states. This is a very dry atmospheric environment in that the passing storm has cleared the area of available moisture for clouds formation plus the inherent stabilization, post storm, leads to very clear skies. So we have many thick contrails that are lasting in an environment that shouldn’t support their visible existence. Hence we have evidence of the contrail markers versus natural contrails. Abundant rippling over Michigan tells us that we have EM energies stimulating the atmosphere and thus the weather makers need to fly the contrails to measure this action and decide whether to employ counter measures as needed.

A couple of arrows have been added to point out the thick spreading contrails laid down just along the back edge of this storm, and the interesting dissipation over central Lake Superior marked earlier by the fading three north/south contrails.

End the scalar/EM warfare; end the contrail marker program.

 Four-Leaf Clovers

The superstition of the four-leaf clover is thought to originate with the Druids. Apparently they believed the shamrock helped them to see evil spirits, thereby allowing them time to get away or find a safe hide-out. The four-leaf clover was also used to ward off evil as it provided a magical repellent that would turn away bad luck. The bearer of the clover was also able to see fairies and this became a very popular past-time with children in the middle ages. Young adventurers would go out each day to find four-leaf clovers and once they found them, would then proceed
to look for fairies among the flowers and fields.

The three-leaf clover is also associated with good luck as it is believed to be a symbol for the Holy Trinity. By wearing a three- or a four-leaf clover, good luck is brought to the bearer.

The Genesis of Project Cloverleaf

Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine

Let us begin on page 459 of the National Academy of Sciences 1992 paper discussing geoengineering to mitigate the rapid rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere…

Cloud stimulation by provision of cloud condensation nuclei appears to be a feasible and low-cost option capable of being used to mitigate any quantity of CO 2 equivalent per year. Details of the cloud physics, verification of the amount of CCN to be added for a particular degree of mitigation, and the possible acid rain or other effects of adding CCN over the oceans need to be investigated before such system is put to use. Once a decision has been made, the system could be mobilized and begin to operate in a year or so, and mitigation effects would be immediate. If the system were stopped, the mitigation effect would presumably cease very rapidly, within days or weeks, as extra CCN were removed by rain and drizzle.

Several schemes depend on the effect of additional dust (or possibly soot) in the stratosphere or very low stratosphere screening out sunlight. Such dust might be delivered to the stratosphere by various means, including being fired with large rifles or rockets or being lifted by hydrogen or hot-air balloons. These possibilities appear feasible, economical, and capable of mitigating the effect of as much CO 2 equivalent per year as we care to pay for. (Lifting dust, or soot, to the tropopause or the low stratosphere with aircraft may be limited, at low cost, to the mitigation of 8 to 80 Gt CO 2 equivalent per year.) Such systems could probably be put into full effect within a year or two of a decision to do so, and mitigation effects would begin immediately. Because dust falls out naturally, if the delivery of dust were stopped, mitigation effects would cease within about 6 months for dust (or soot) delivered to the tropopause and within a couple of years for dust delivered to the midstratosphere.

Such dust would have a visible effect, particularly on sunsets and sunrises, and would heat the stratosphere at the altitude of the dust. The heating would have an effect on the chemistry of the stratospheric ozone layer, and this possibility must be considered before major use of such a mitigation system. The amount of dust to be added is within the range of that added from time to time by volcanic eruption, so the effects on climate would not be expected to go beyond those experienced naturally. However, either the natural or the artificial effects on the chemistry might be very serious under conditions of increased CFC chlorine in the stratosphere, and the result of having these effects continuously must be considered, so the option might not be usable. Better specification of dust characteristics and size for best effect and better data on the fallout rate of dust from various altitudes as well as on chlorine chemistry are needed. It will be important to observe the effects on stratospheric chemistry of any volcanic eruptions that occur, with special attention to separating the effects of dust, aerosol, and hydrochloric acid.

Of these systems to alter the planetary albedo, the increase of low-level marine clouds by increasing CCN and the delivery of dust to the stratosphere by using large rifles seem the most promising. The rifle system appears to be inexpensive, to be relatively easily managed, and to require few launch sites. However, the possible effect of the additional stratospheric dust on ozone chemistry may be a serious problem, and the noise of the rifles would have to be managed. Balloons also appear to be a good possibility, but the return of the balloons to ground level would require management.

Sunlight screening systems would not have to be put into practice until shortly before they were needed for mitigation, although research to understand their effects, as well as design and engineering work, should be done now so that it will be known whether these technologies are available if wanted.

Perhaps one of the surprises of this analysis is the relatively low costs at which some of the geoengineering options might be implemented. If, however, further analyses support the preliminary conclusions, it will bear further inquiry to decide if they can produce the targeted responses without unacceptable additional effects. The level at which we are currently able to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of engineering the global mean radiation balance leaves great uncertainty in both technical feasibility and environmental consequences. This analysis does suggest that further inquiry is appropriate.

Okay, now we have set the stage for this:

Battle Creek Michigan 2004 
The day begins without a cloud in the sky… Until the planes appear and so often they fly in pairs.


28 July 2004 Nashville Tennessee
   A grid of chemtrails that is being vibrated into scalar high clouds.

Mammoth Mountain California January 2005
  The day began clear, and as is so frequently the case with these kinds of contrails, ends with a canopy of high cloud stretching from horizon to horizon.


Come on now, something else is going on here! 
A photograph released by NSAS where by the wanted the public to ‘count contrails!’


Most information that I have come across has Project Cloverleaf having been launched at some point in the mid 1990’s; as experimentation with chemical mixtures, the effectiveness of a single plane, the most efficient fluid delivery methods, waiting for reports of public sightings and then the seeming lack of response likely occurring during the early 90’s. And it is fully within the realm of possibility that this endeavor had a green light in the late 80’s or even the early 90’s with the academic and public science only introduced into the public’s domain after being fully accepted and in the process of being implemented.  Securing the fleet of aircraft (secretly) and then the mechanical modification of those planes would take the most time in the drive to get this project, and this fleet, off of the ground. This is why I feel Cloverleaf’s roots go back into 1980’s.  This would also be the time that the Reagan Administration was fully briefed on the extent of the Soviet’s scalar weapons program and its growing effects on our weather.

What is the stated goal of this project?  Did we not decide it was to mitigate greenhouse gasses in an effort to slow the warming of the planet?  Has there been any improvement any slow down in the rate that the planet’s surface is warming since say 1995?

Lets look at some news.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - The year 2004, punctuated by four powerful hurricanes in the Caribbean and deadly typhoons lashing Asia, was the fourth-hottest on record, extending a trend since 1990 that has registered the 10 warmest years, a U.N. weather agency said Wednesday.

It goes on to say…

Scientists have reported that temperatures across the globe rose an average of 1 degree over the past century, with the rate of change since 1976 at roughly three times that over the past 100 years.

Nineteen seventy-six is an important year, it is the year that the Soviet woodpecker grid became active and the weather engineering games began.

Listen to the sounds of this grid as it establishes standing waves across the globe and through the core of the Earth here.

Another hot weather story.

U.N.: 2003 third hottest year on record

GENEVA (AP) - The year 2003, marked by a sweltering summer and drought across large swaths of the planet, was the third hottest in nearly 150 years, the United Nations weather agency said Tuesday.

The World Meteorological Organization estimated the average surface temperature for the year to be 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the normal 25.2 degrees. The agency said that warmer weather could not be attributed to any one cause but was part of a trend that global warming was likely to prolong.

The agency, which collects data from forecasters worldwide, said the three hottest years since accurate records began to be kept in 1861 have all been in the past six years.

The hottest was 1998, when the average temperature was up 0.99 degrees.

“The rhythm of temperature increases is accelerating ,” said WMO deputy secretary-general Michel Jarraud. (my emphasis)

Stories like these abound, and have for several years now as the planet continues to warm and the poles melt at an ever accelerating pace. Is there a reason why the acceleration is occurring and why the slope of warming continues to steepen? Two items I feel must be considered to find these answers are: Project Cloverleaf and the continuation of the Solar Maximum.

The graphs below shows reconstructed temperature data for the Northern Hemisphere for the past millennium. Instead of actual temperatures, the graph shows annual temperature anomalies-differences from the average temperature for each year. The gray lines are error bars, showing the possible degree of error in each measurement. On the second chart shows the temperature trend which had been trending downward until the 1930’s; this is when the Sun suddenly gets active. A secondary downward trend in the late 1960’s abruptly turns back upward by 1977. Could the use of these scalar weapons have that kind of immediate effect on our global climate? Misuse of these weapons appears to have initiated the El Nino effect earlier in the 70’s as experimentation and testing the weapons technical capabilities was just in its first decade.

As you can see the slope of the temperature trend had been on a gradual downward trend until the 1930’s then the warming began in earnest.  This is also the time the Sun ‘woke up.’  The scalar weather program began during the 1970’s at the reversal point that pushes temperature anomalies above the 0.0 line for good.  Does this mean there has been intentional warming of the planet?



Reconstructed Northern Hemisphere temperature anomalies for the past 1000 years.


If the accepted purpose of this massive program, where by several hundred aircraft paint the sky with reflective materials daily, is to slow the eventualities of global warming, it must be considered an abject failure! The Earth continues to warm; these extra clouds are keeping nighttime minimum temperatures significantly milder but without sufficiently impacting inbound daytime solar insolation. This doesn’t appear to be a healthy trade off. There is no question that additional high clouds are the intention of this activity. But then again I ask why?

I could really take the grim point of view that additional warming is indeed the intent and hence the secrecy surrounding all of this. So much circumstantial evidence points in this direction. The trapped atmospheric heat in time will work its way to the oceans thermal profile/structure; adding to my concerns about the health and longevity of the already weakening North Atlantic thermo cline. Is the controlling Elite working toward the failure of this most important heat transfer mechanism? So much fresh water has already been added to the Western Atlantic via the melt off of Greenland and Eastern Canada. Additionally, we have the frequent and heavy summer rains punctuated by intense late summer and fall tropical storms across the western Atlantic and eastern North America leaving behind additional moisture beyond the typical seasonal rainfall resulting in a freshening of the Gulf Stream waters. These summer rains, including tropical storms, are intentionally manufactured to put down how much water when and where they want it. A great deal of this extra water ends up as runoff and flows straight into the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

ARLINGTON, Virginia, December 19, 2003 (ENS) - Tropical ocean waters of today are much saltier than they were 40 years ago, while oceans closer to the Earth’s poles have become fresher, a team of international scientists reports in today’s issue of the journal “Nature.” These large, rapid oceanic changes mean that recent climate changes, including global warming, may be altering the fundamental planetary system that regulates evaporation and precipitation and cycles fresh water around the globe, the scientists warn.

The study was conducted by Ruth Curry of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI); Bob Dickson of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science in Lowestoft, UK; and Igor Yashayaev of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Further on.

An accelerated water cycle also appears to be increasing rain and snow in higher latitudes, contributing to the freshening of North Atlantic waters and increasing the possibility of slowing the Conveyor. If the North Atlantic becomes too fresh, its waters would stop sinking and the Conveyor could slow down, the scientists warn. Analyses of ice cores, deep-sea sediment cores, and other geologic evidence have demonstrated the Conveyor has abruptly slowed down or halted many times in Earth’s history. That has caused the North Atlantic region to cool and brought long-term drought conditions to other areas of the Northern Hemisphere within a few years.

A cooling of the North Atlantic region would slow the melting process; curtail the influx of fresh water to the North Atlantic. The Conveyor would again begin to circulate ocean waters.

But global warming and an accelerated water cycle would continue to bring fresh water to high latitudes, possibly enough to maintain a cap on the Conveyor even if the Arctic melting ceased.

Monitoring Earth’s hydrological cycle is critical, the scientists said, because of its potential near term impacts on Earth’s climate.

Support for this research also came from the Framework V Programme of the European Community, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Consortium in the Ocean’s Role in Climate, and the Ocean and Climate Change Institute at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

And another…

Rumble of a coming ice age

Snap climate change

“We are presently doing a global experiment on our climate system with little understanding of which of a number of possible outcomes will result,” Clarke says.

Changes in ocean temperatures have been linked to ice ages in the past. About 12,800 years ago, North Atlantic waters cooled dramatically and so did the North Atlantic region.

It took only about a decade to move into a cold spell that lasted close to 1,300 years, Gagosian says.

The most recent shutdown in the North Atlantic circulation is believed to have occurred 500 years ago, wiping out established Norse settlements and vineyards that once thrived in Greenland, he says.

A recent U.S. National Academy of Sciences report, entitled “Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises,” notes that climate changes have occurred with “startling speed” in the past. And next time, the report said, the cost to agriculture alone could be in the $100- to $250-billion range.

Perhaps the most sobering realization is there will be little anyone can do about it — short of adapt.

“The climate system can and has moved to new climate states in a matter of decades,” Clarke says. “If the system undergoes such a change, we have virtually no idea of how to attempt to stop or reverse the system.”

So it seems to me that as a civilization we should be doing everything within our abilities to slow this warming trend; and I do mean everything!

Using hydrocarbons as a fuel source is simply foolish in light of our environmental predicament. It has taken us greater than 150 years to get into this deepening mess, now we have at most 10 years to get out of it. The hurdle, as always, is the control exerted from the top of the power structure of this world. The Elite. Patent after patent has been filed and granted that would allow for the development of engines that still burn petroleum yet deliver 60 to 200 plus miles per gallon. For some unspeakable reason this technology cannot get to market! Patent after patent having also been granted for magnetic motors or what are termed over unity devices, these units produce more power than what initially goes in. I have seen designs of one that has an output ratio of 1:450! One watt goes in. 450 watts is returned. Why are these not everywhere? In the schools, hospitals, county buildings, cars, one in each neighborhood. this is a one time expense and then free electricity, forever!  Who looses? Could it be that the $6.2 trillion energy complex is not going to allow this to happen. Especially with an American White House that is soaked in oil.  How expensive will fuel get before people demand a quantum leap in the advancement of energy technology?  How much longer will we let them get away with this ongoing theft of our future and unnecessary contamination of our planet and atmosphere?

I find it distressing that all the environmental movements have done nothing to aid this cause, to find and to fund this ultimate energy solution. It truly makes me question their motives as well. These organizations have the membership and could get the funds to make a vast difference if their leadership could only find a voice and a message that would resonate with all.  I call it the truth! Do they not notice the contrails overhead and the tainted water that falls from above? Or is this topic also off limits for them?

So the contrail program is adding to the warming of the planet and is not being used as a sunscreen, as its sole purpose, as some earlier research science has proposed. It maybe doing so in the UV spectrum. we will not know positively until the secrecy is finally peeled away.

I have, for now, settled on three primary types and purposes of contrails with in the program.

Firstly, are the fully natural contrails that are non-visible or of very short duration on 70% of the days. In the prefrontal environment of a storm, high clouds/higher humidity are present thus allowing for the persistence of these vapor based contrails. Basically the way is used to be.

Secondly, and very popular these days, are the fuel additive contrails adding an aerosol content to the troposphere and lower stratosphere. These trails do last slightly longer than usual and are brilliantly white when viewed from below. Commercial aircraft have been added to this fleet of atmospheric workers in addition to many previously retired airliner MD-80’s. These contrails can also become very persistent in a favorable prefrontal storm environment. Sound dampening equipment has been installed on these planes so many pass overhead on the quiet. You have got to look up to see them.

Thirdly, we find the thick chemtrails that span the horizon regardless of the atmospheric conditions. Simply, they are marking the skies and it is in this activity we find the big clue.  Marking the skies and looking for what?  Scalar signatures. These contrails are designed to fan out revealing the workings of the scalar weather matrix; they are also capable of spotting where negative ionic strikes have dissipated cloud cover releasing the static bond of the water within the clouds in the targeted zone.

Hundreds of drone aircraft crisscross the skies laying down long lasting contrails that fan out into a layers of haze coating the skies from horizon to horizon. These special clouds, glowing with an irradiance of salmon and teal colors, are vibrated into cirrus-like clouds so that when viewed from above the activities of the scalar weather modification machinery can be made visual. Think of it like this. A white crayon being drawn atop a chessboard when the individual blocks that comprise the playing board are capable of moving in four dimensions. These thick contrails laced with aluminum oxide and barium salts are there to reveal the movements of this game of chess played out in the skies above us.  Chemtrails are an important form of this reconnaissance when viewed from space.

I have received many emails from contrail watchers reporting planes threading their trails through the last opening of blue skies visible from their location. Why does this happen? An understanding gained from reading the ‘Holes’ update of March 25 discussing ionic scalar strikes of negative ions used for dissipating clouds gives us an additional insights.

Chemtrails flown through these ionic strikes give the watchers a very good idea of the intensity with which this strike was delivered. These strikes produce the weeping cirrus streaks like the ones seen above. These holes vary greatly in size from half kilometer to 100 km or greater.

Finding the intersection of these moving segments of scalar atmospheric action is left to the chemtrail planes. The thin layers of high clouds seeded with aluminum reveal the edges of different zones of scalar energy influence. This is important information to military forecasters as well as those operating the scalar interferometers to, see in near real time, how the atmosphere is responding to this input.

Looking for and finding ionic strikes.

Understanding where, how, and the intensity of the scalar weapons being used, can explain much of the contrail activity in the skies. Making what is invisible visible by tracing contrails across the skies.

July 6, 2002 Seattle Washington
A heat wave grips the Pacific Northwest during the time of this blooming contrail as it spreads out into the shape/vibration of the scalar energy matrix in operation overhead.  The freshly created ice crystals spread out… and if found within 22 degrees of the Sun… a halo or a Sun dog will be seen. These use to be present in the winter season, now they are seen frequently regardless of season.

Southern California Early April 2005

Six contrails can be easily discerned with thin remnants of a seventh visible in the upper right portion of the image. A hole is made visible at the edge of the two contrails; the upper one is arrowed, with a very fresh trail flown through the middle of the hole and image. The second lower arrowed contrail has been flown right on the edge of the ‘push zone’ where the weeping cirrus makes a sharp 45-degree break.

The contrail being laid straight across this zone of sheer.

Chemtrails laid down with the intent of creating high clouds are often delivered at the edge of a sheer zone where the lateral movement of the scalar wave will hold onto the metal component of the chemical mixture then pull out and away perpendicularly a thin shield of cirrus. This cirrus, and the remaining chemtrail cloud, will then take on the shape of the underlying scalar vibrations present in the sky that would be invisible without the presence of this manmade cloud.

It is now possible to see the ladder type of roll clouds as they entrain the winds aloft limiting the movement of the jetstream to where the designers of the weather want it to be. On the left side of the cloud the lateral pull of the scalar wave on the cirrus as it is pulled westward from the spreading contrail.

There is not so much twisting occurring in this arrowed location, but just the flat edge of a zone that is getting a nudge to the left.  It is important to know the intensity of these breaks so that this data can be used in knowing how intensely the atmosphere is being altered.

In need of more data… a second plane is flown in the vicinity to see if the scalar/gravatonic energy remains present to deform the second contrail.

Flying the edge looking for scalar input that deforms contrails.

Moving blocks/cubes of atmosphere a little at a time… this shows up as a stair-step imprint on the contrail.

All sorts of anomalies can be revealed when drawing lines across the skies.

Sometimes the scalar nudge is round and more often it is in the form of a blunt edge or half cube shape.

When the chemtrail mixture has saturated the sky, full cloud cover, the shapes of the scalar weapons then are fully revealed. At this point the geometry of man has overwhelmed the natural processes of the planet and square clouds abound.

Day and night this recon information is needed. The reflective wavelengths of the man made clouds enable them to be seen from space regardless of the time of day.

A trail that has been laid down across two differing energy environments as seen by its sudden rolling over and subsequent lateral dispersion. Notice the background acceleration ripples.

This trail has found the edge of two round negative ion holes. See how the trails have been folded back slightly along the holes outer edges. 

Similar story with these guys. A large blue hole to the upper right of the two thick trails coming from the bottom of the page; creating a thin overcast that provides for a favorable environment to see the scalar technologies at work.

Helical twisting along with evaporating gaps in this image of three contrails.

To answer one the most often posed questions as to why spraying is so common, if not outright aggressive, ahead of an in bound weather storm. The two most important reasons for the spraying ahead of a storm; first the thick contrails are flown looking for scalar interference immediately ahead of the storms EXPECTED path, up to several hundred miles ahead. Helical twisting, broken trails, large evaporating gaps in the trails and vertical/horizontal contrail displacement reveal how much the atmosphere is being altered (heated/cooled/displaced) ahead of the storm so the military forecasters get additional direct observational data to improve their forecasts and know where to ‘fight back.’ The environment immediately ahead of a storm is ripe for the development of high cloudiness; with one of the stated agendas of contrails being solar reflection the pre-storm environment is an ideal location to do this work. With so many storms putting down amounts of rain that might cause flooding these drying/moisture-absorbing mixtures can be flown/injected immediately ahead of the storm front reducing the intensity of the severe weather attack. This assumes that this battle is fought between the Eastern and the Western governments. If the Elite has control of all of this, contrails and the scalar technology, then only one agenda applies. and it is all bad news if this viewpoint ends up being the way it is. Somebody knows and will tell us all, I eagerly look forward to that day.

With the chemtrail/contrail marker flights so common in the Western hemisphere of influence one must then conclude that all governments, that allow these contrail marker over flights, know of the scalar war being waged in the skies above. This outright deceit of the public must end. We see these marking flights each and every day of the year, we now know why they are flown and demand a full accounting of the activities that occur in our skies. This is a technology, which because it affects everyone on this planet, rightly belongs to the people. It is readily apparent that those that have and use the scalar weaponry are incapable of using it for the betterment of mankind and therefore are not worthy of the leadership positions they presently hold. When an agenda of greed, thirst for power, deceit and deception as the basis of their moral compass a change of leadership is hereby demanded. Public oversight was attempted with Congressional hearings initiated by Senator Pell back in the 1970’s, but met stiff resistance. These guys then slipped back underground to continue the development of these very powerful weapons. The time has come for this power over the planets and indeed Creations most basic functions be handed over to the People. I don’t have a problem with controlling the weather; if it weren’t supposed to be done then the process simply wouldn’t be possible. Therefore what must happen is that the intent of these operations must change, and change to reflect an outcome that leads only to the Highest and Best Good of All. Any other intent will ultimately result in a planetary catastrophe.  Please contact your Congressional representatives and make them aware of this situation; as representatives of the government it is their responsibility to be aware of these activities that are done in our name.

The following are some of the more intriguing if not beautiful contrail images that have been shared with me. To all of those readers and listeners of the various radio shows that I have been a guest on, thank you for sharing your discoveries with me. Pete Lund, Dave Lambert, and many others whose pictures and personal observations are most welcome.

A black contrail. Is it just in the shade of clouds on the horizon or is it a black soot marker contrail? Arlington, TX 28 March 2005

30 November 2004

Numerous trails visible with the low sun angle providing illumination from below.

A little twisting on the two oldest trails, as high clouds will soon fill the skies.

Six marker planes flying in parallel, my feeling is that this activity will become far more common as the public’s understanding of what is happening grows allowing this project to continue to grow more boldly… as if it isn’t already! The pollution from this activity will become a very hot topic considering all the health side effects of the heavy metals raining out of this crap.

The tell tale colors of an oily/waxy chemtrail cloud, teal and salmon to pink.

What goes up must come down. It comes down in the rain, the snow, suspended in fog and often just settling out on a calm night onto everything. I wonder if there is an allergy test for chemtrails!  Big Smirk.

My next step in this contrail research is rainwater testing. Lab tests for rainwater, a catch of 100-200ml is needed, cost about $43 when looking for two metals. In this case I know to look for aluminum and barium plus get a pH test done. I have had readers sent me their lab tests results showing these metals counts at upwards of 7 to 250 times normal background levels! So for less than $50/US you can test your own rainwater and determine how much of this chemtrail substance is reaching your lungs, backyard, your children and pets. Is there any wonder why so many have had a sudden onset of adult asthma, and frequent flu-like symptoms?  Has this become a side effect that is bring about a slow and persistent poisoning from above? Test your rainwater and have direct evidence of this project impacting more than just our once bright blue skies.

A recently received letter from a concerned individual:

I caught one of your radio talk shows and have visited your website. It is one of the best expose’s I’ve seen on the subject. I’ve been following this issue since first reports of spider web gunk being dropped from the skies in 1994, along with people getting seriously sick from it. At that point these were merely interesting observations happening ’somewhere else.’
That changed as I relaxed on my deck on the first Sunday in June 1998 right before taking off for a week-long seminar. I noticed billowing clouds coming out from behind a jet passing overhead, and it just didn’t look like a normal contrail. Within days I broke out with severe hives all over my body (large purple blotches that covered about 30% of my torso), along with pressure pain on my feet and hands, and very achy muscles when doing only about 40% of my normal workouts. After bumping around in the poor excuse we call managed health care in this country, an old-school dermatologist with a 3 pill combo knocked this out over the following 8-12 months. However, milder symptoms are still showing up and I suspect my immune system is merely dealing with it better. My point here is that yes, bodies do have allergic reactions to this stuff they are dumping on us. I also remember the winter of ‘99 when they showered this area with very heavy chemtrails and in the next 48 hours nearly everyone came down with a hacking cough from which it took many months to recover (I’m still not sure I am totally over it.) Absentee rates at work were around 30%, and although it acted like the flu, and it met the criteria for an ‘epidemic’, the CDC stated that it was not the flu.
On the more technical side, I work as an engineer for a large company, supporting the mechanical systems for integrated chip fabrication plants. I am a degreed mechanical engineer, with professional engineering registration in 3 branches of engineering. By late 1999, it occurred to me that perhaps the best way of gathering data on this was analyzing new and used air filters. One thing that every fab does is move a LOT of outside air through their makeup air handlers, typically hundreds of thousands of cubic feet per minute for a large fab. These particular make up air handlers (MAHs) have 3 levels of filtration: prefilters that are rated at 30% efficiency, intermediate filters at 95%, and final filters that are HEPA filters. HEPAs filter out 99.99+% of the particles larger than .3 microns. Also of interest was the opportunity to analyze a filter from an air handler that ran outside air through it continuously from 1989 to January 1996 when it was taken out of service, prior to the chemtrail program going into ‘production’ mode locally. I had the samples cut out of each filter, weighed, and dissolved in nitric acid, then analyzed for Ba, Al, and Mg. (Expensive analysis, and some of the peaks were masked by Ti.) I took the results and normalized them for the known face velocities of the air through the filters and the number of hours each filter was in service. I also had a new, identical HEPA filter analyzed as a control. The results were interesting, to say the least. There is a level of Ba and Al in the new filter media, but Mg was not detected. On the filter that was only in service prior to 1996, the Ba levels were about 30% higher than the new filters, but that isn’t much Ba collection in 7 years of operation. It is a good indication of the amount of ambient Ba in the air prior to 1996. Cifford Carnicom (who should be considered a public hero for his efforts on this topic) had researched Ba in the atmosphere, and said references indicated there really shouldn’t be any, and prior to 1996 my data supports that. When I looked at the pick up rate of the other HEPA filters that were in service in 1999, the normalized rate of Ba increase was 255:1 in one case and 601:1 in the other filter. So, my conclusion is that by 1999 there were 2.5 orders of magnitude more Ba in the air than earlier that decade. The ratio on the intermediate filters was 39:1. Doing best guess estimates of probable size based on published filter efficiencies vs. particle size led to a average particle size estimate of 0.18 microns. Due to the limited data set this could be off a bit, but it gives something to work with. Aluminum is prevalent in dust and dirt, so it’s presence would not by itself be alarming. But the normalized amounts should be comparable over time. The results were somewhat unexpected. The pre-1996 filters showed no Al, which is surprising to me. Probably most of this must have been filtered out as larger particles in the pre-filters, which I didn’t analyze because I knew I was looking for smaller particles. Because no Al (or Mg) was found in the pre-1996 filters, the above normalized ratios can’t be used (can’t divide by zero), but there was a significant amount of Al, and a moderate amount of Mg showed up.
More testing would be interesting to quantify what is going on, but I personally don’t need any more ‘convincing’. The jury is in. It is happening. I just don’t know all of the reasons why. Another place to poke around would be with x-ray technicians and radiologists (I don’t know any). All those patients filtering Ba (opaque to x-rays) through their lungs should have required some adjustments in the sensitivity of x-ray equipment or exposure time, however small and gradual over the past several years. I’m sure that astronomers have a lot of data they have stumbled upon since they have to look through this fine particulate haze, but since many of them are federally funded or use funded facilities, they likely can’t or won’t talk.

Keep up the good work,

Doug Hansberry, P.E.

Thanks for sharing your experience Doug.

The only way we will see an end to the contrail marker program is to end the global scalar electromagnetic war.  Demand and achieve an end to this war and we get our clean, deep blue skies back.   I long for the days when peace meant peace; and governments didn’t lie as the normal course of operation and they actually looked out for and trusted their own citizens.  The time for new government has long ago arrived…


Helical twisting off near the horizon with an indent in the foreground.


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  • 8/6/2008 4:45 AM Judy wrote:
    Thankyou for a well put together informative story.
    The pictures are beautiful.
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  • 8/10/2011 3:52 AM rst682 wrote:
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  • 11/8/2011 1:32 AM klm716 wrote:

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    Key words constructivism; college English reading instruction; campus network

    2004 年 1 月 Department of Higher Education issued guidance to institutions of higher learning teaching college English courses, Which generally require students to read the basic articles of general subjects in English, reading speed of 70 words per minute, the speed reading lengthy, slightly lower degree of difficulty of the material, the reading speed of 100 words per minute, can basically read national English newspapers, to grasp the central meaning, understanding the main facts and relevant details. Can read the work and life style in the application of common materials. Can be used effectively in the reading method of reading.

    Higher reading comprehension requires students to basic reading newspapers and magazines of general English-speaking countries the theme of the article, reading speed of 80 words per minute, the speed reading lengthy materials, reading speed of 120 words per minute, able to skim read or find reading materials. Can basically read his overview of professional literature, and can correctly understand the center effect, to seize the main facts and relevant details.

    Campus network environment, college English teaching reform and practice reading

    Abstract constructivist view of teaching English teaching reform in our country has a profound revelation. With the computer network technology and the rapid development of modern information technology, the traditional model of reading instruction has been a huge challenge. In constructivist theory, under the guidance, combined with the advantages of the campus network model of reading instruction in English to the reform of college English teachers presented new challenges.

    A constructivist theory

    College English teaching in the subject, discourse, vocabulary and other aspects of a series of attempts to reform, but still slow updates, read the insufficient subject matter is narrow. Which to some extent, restricted the students to improve English proficiency. With the computer network technology and the rapid development of modern information technology, the traditional model of reading instruction has been a huge challenge.

    Third, based on the university campus network adva
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  • 11/17/2011 7:39 AM uvw653 wrote:

    Several of English grammar teaching misunderstanding

    [Abstract] the field of English grammar in language teaching is often misunderstood. The concept of syntax errors from this understanding: The syntax is a dead language, the provisions of the static structure. There are other questionable assertions, such as: do not teach English grammar, students naturally learned; grammar teaching is dull. So gradually the exchange and proficiency-based orientation often limited English grammar teaching. Here I will be eight such misunderstandings are discussed. [Keywords] English Grammar provides the natural learning style static acquisition a discourse level, English grammar is a natural acquisition, does not teach that some learners need know English grammar will be learned. For example, many U.S. immigrants on their own proficiency in English, especially young people. However, not all learners can achieve this. In the same immigrant groups, some learners of English proficiency is high, but far from accurate. So the question is, is it possible to help with grammar on their own can not achieve the accuracy of the English people. In addition, the learning of English grammar does require a lot of time, even for those people who is so deep foundation. Carol Chomsky (1969) study shows that: even in English-speaking people continue to get some grammar is in the process of knowledge, far enough to master grammar. Thus, another important question is whether it is possible to accelerate students through the teaching of grammar syntax of the natural learning process. There are many studies on this issue found (see Larsen-Freeman & Long, 1991). Pienenmann (1984) studies have shown that: After grammar guide learners can in just two weeks after the second stage of learning, or generally take several months. The number of subjects less than self, the more obvious effect of grammar teaching. Whether the teaching of grammar acquisition can help them self-learners can not get the syntax of this, some research data shows that: the structural syntax of the language to know for improving the accuracy of the students valuable, rather than focus on grammar study the dispersion of the structural approach to learning is not up to this effect (see Larsen-Freeman, 1995). Second, the syntax is a meaningless collection of language structure this misconception stems from a lot of people have the same syntax and verb conjugation tables of some of the structural rules of contact linguistics together. But grammar is not diverse, nor is it meaningless. It is the language form, semantics and pragmatics of the Commonwealth. These three areas are interdependent, one change will cause other changes. However, they provide a grammar for their own unique perspective. Let's look at English in the passive voice. It is at least be in the form of the verb plus the past participle. Someti
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  • 11/25/2011 1:09 AM tuv179 wrote:

    Formative assessment in the university English classroom teaching

    [Abstract] formative assessment is the assessment of the teaching process, students write papers adjust learning strategies to improve learning, effective means of improving learning outcomes, but also the teachers for teaching feedback, adjust the teaching content and methods to improve teaching an important basis for quality. In this paper, the theoretical basis for formative assessment, formative assessment will be applied to the English classroom teaching in order to effectively compensate for the lack of current college English teaching, improve teaching effectiveness, enhance student self-learning ability. [Keywords] formative assessment assessment assessment strategies of college English teaching I. Introduction link. a comprehensive, objective, scientific and accurate evaluation system is essential for achieving teaching objectives. Teaching is both a teacher for teaching evaluation feedback to improve teaching management, an important basis to ensure the quality of teaching, and students to adjust learning strategies to improve learning improve learning efficiency and achieve good learning outcomes effective means. Assessment is an essential part of teaching. Scientific assessment can provide useful feedback for teaching, helping teachers to understand the effect of teaching, improve teaching methods, can also help students to understand their own learning, to improve learning. Teaching to standardized tests assess not only represented the end of the assessment, but also to learn for the purpose of focusing on the learning process of formative assessment. Over the years, our universities are dependent on the end of the English Assessment assessment methods to test scores to evaluate students' learning ability and teaching quality. Despite the end of the assessment is to test an important means of learning outcomes, but can not evaluate this important part of the teaching process, and formative assessment is to make up for this shortfall: formative assessment through a variety of ways and means, teachers can continue to get feedback information, timely adjustment of the process of teaching or teaching methods that promote students' effective learning. Second, the concept of formative assessment and the theoretical basis formative assessment was first used by Ohio State University Institute of Educational Sciences, Professor Taylor's. He pointed out that teaching evaluation is based on certain teaching objectives, the use of practical means of collecting and analyzing scientific information on the teaching process and the results meet expectations and measure the extent to which measured and give value judgments, so as to amend the design of teaching and thus achieve added value based on the teaching process. Large number of studies have shown that teaching the c
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  • 11/26/2011 3:06 AM opq026 wrote:

    New zinc-based alloy wear resistant materials research

    6 Figure 6 is two kinds of units under different loading width of the wear plate diagram, Figure know ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 when p> 50kg loss when it sharply training, and the new base station when the p-1OOkg loss width of less than 50kg when meeting with cadmium bronze and ZA12 ship B, the new base station from the p-= 3O ~ 100kg, B is far less than ZA12. Low ZA know, two ffx-zcusnsznsPbs304050P (kg) 8 James pupil axis t bucket ride than the loss of prestige in dry friction test a ■ v Chang Chang Ho head number of test conditions P = 30kg. n = 200r. P-m a non-profit fine. Test results; 40 minutes of new alloy friction coefficient of 0.04] t wear width 3.8ram. Throw into confusion the bronze friction coefficient of 0. ●, wear width of 10ram. Third, new homes gold casting, melting process 1. Casting box casting the new station is not easy to produce pores. Appropriate units in the sand, metal casting. Fluidity, hot tearing tendency is minimal. 2. Baking of the process (I) smelting equipment: electric furnace, oil furnace, induction furnace can be. (2) preparation of electrolytic copper, c4 or more. Al: A. I-2 over t with the AI-M M25 two yuan sets box. Containing CuSO% of a cu two yuan sets box A1. Pure magnesium, zinc powder for industrial use cryolite, potassium fluoroborate. (3) I dagger-baking: Preheat the crucible to dark red, to aluminum, aluminum copper, aluminum. M sets disk placed in the middle of the crucible bottom, then add the where 2 / 3 of zinc heated to 6o0 ℃, and then warming up to him to be zinc and 800 Stir, add potassium t cryolite powder, potassium fluoride + boric acid to mix. Slag, inquire note. Fourth, the conclusions of the new alloy excellent mechanical properties. Small proportion. Low cost. Taiwan box matrix organizational structure for the hard-soft particle type. I Luo excellent alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, its carrying capacity is higher than ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3. At low speed overload conditions. f for the tin bronze material for sliding bearings with oblique pupil. The station box has a USB casting performance and l Therefore, the granting of a promotional value. References IMetn]] prolv ~. NoV. I9822TheBriti:. hF ~ rtdryeler =, No1.19793Metat ~ Thn successful development of a stretch do not need to gun the pressure off the kiln device special spray painted die-cast grab, recently set by the Ministry of Industry, Chuan empty bore casting Factory developed the most southern state power. and Du volume production. condemned to grab the main piece for spraying t sound production in the pressure of about 1 with a spray lubricant into the luxury and express clear one point La airfoil mold residue present. China's Ministry of wins too enjoy casting plant material used in die spray not rush. nose must be silk Xin Lu pressure to devices equipped with a tiny set, otherwise, Sapporo can not be sprayed, this stretch
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    / 2011 autumn and winter have brought us the warmest and most comfortable clothing texture, design, and thick knitting is that they give us the choice.

    In the winter, heavy knitwear fashion trend provides us with the good wool, cashmere and cotton cashmere shearing combination of appearance. This design is very eye-catching, showing a thick, coarse texture and loose solid fat profile, best suited to the middle section of the fall to winter wear.

    Creativity on the texture, the variety of fabric combinations, bringing thick and sturdy appearance has been the fashion leaders in the autumn and winter favorite one of the means. In fact, they succeeded in getting the heavy knitted garments do not conceal the outline of a beautiful curve, bringing fashionable coat.


    There is no doubt the heavy autumn and winter 2010/2011, fashion designers eager in the autumn and winter 2010/2011 has brought us the warmest and most comfortable texture and clothing design, and thick knitting is that they give us the choice.

    In the winter, heavy knitwear fashion trend provides us with the good wool, cashmere and cotton cashmere shearing combination of appearance. This design is very eye-catching, showing a thick, coarse texture and loose solid fat profile, best suited to the middle section of the fall to winter wear.

    Creativity on the texture, the variety of fabric combinations, bringing thick and sturdy appearance has been the fashion leaders in the autumn and winter favorite one of the means. In fact, they succeeded in getting the heavy knitted garments do not conceal the outline of a beautiful curve, bringing fashionable coat.


    The heavy winter 2010/2011 fashion knitted dress like a grandmother is generally interpreted as the production of retro windbreaker, sweaters, skirts and jackets. When they are popular with a single piece, it presents a perfect structure and fashionable appearance. These combinations are often knitted with In our time the two admired designer brands - Missoni (Missoni) and D & G in their autumn and winter 2010/2011 fashion fantasy series will be knitted into the top of the T station, showing some of the classic,


    Baggy wool and mohair texture, as well as other traditional and alpine-inspired fabrics have contributed to the appearance of a stylish and sophisticated clothing. Missoni family decided to adopt the 2010/2011 winter gray, blue, black as well as the basis for the appearance of color. This more neutral toward colder and tend to prove that the series is a return to the traditional autumn colors, with rain and cold melancholy atmosphere.

    On the other hand, D & G the 2010/2011 winter series interspersed with neutral tones to classic and stylish red tone reflects the ski as its main color base. Models stride walking in the T stage,Reply to this

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  • 12/6/2011 8:01 PM ijk232 wrote:

    Refinery wastewater reuse for the circulating water system corrosion factors

    2 additional water quality testing data analysis program analysis projects the Yangtze River Yangtze River water dish dishes COI ~-r, n7Ig / L <1028.8 hardness, mg/L121.0166.0CI, mg/L9.9930.0 alkalinity, mg/L74. 096.0 ammonia, nitrogen, mg/L0.11.7Ca, mg/L92.9111.0 suspended solids, mg/L58322K, mg/L2.13.3pH8.28.1 conductance, uS/cra269379 turbidity, mg / L7.313.4 oil, mg/L05.372.2 dynamic simulation and analysis of test data during the test by monitoring the corrosion coupon and monitoring in vitro evaluation of scale inhibition effect, results in Table 3. Table 3 Dynamic simulation results in Table 3, results showed that: ① 1 Dynamic simulation of wastewater reuse ratio of 60, the dynamic simulation in the concentration ratio of 1 to 3 times, and strengthen CODc up to 103mg / L, enhanced oil content of up to to 50mg / L under the conditions of the indicators have reached the China Petrochemical Corporation ② 2 Dynamic simulation of wastewater reuse ratio of 100, the dynamic simulation in the concentration ratio of 1 to 3 times, and strengthen CODC up to 157mg / I, to strengthen the oil content of up to 50mg / I conditions, the index has reached China Sinopec Group Company ③ 2 dynamic simulation test the maximum turbidity of 64.5mg / I, cooling tower, system piping, cold pool of slime suspension more, but the adhesion rate in the test of time only 18.88mcm, monitoring the test piece, corrosion monitoring test tube rate is not exceeded. Shorter description is not enough to cause excessive turbidity corrosion damage, biological slime dirt has no serious harm, but for a long time back to 1009 with sewage / 5 cases, need to take effective slime stripping means, otherwise it will affect the effect of water treatment chemicals for corrosion and scale, reduce the heat transfer effects, severe blockage system piping. ④ 1 dynamic simulation test the maximum turbidity of 28.0mg / L, compared with 2 dynamic simulation, cooling tower, system piping, cold pool of slime suspension less, indicating that the higher the rate of wastewater reuse, the dangers of biological slime greater. ⑤ wastewater reuse rate of the higher salinity, chloride, organic matter and turbidity levels are high, which once again proved salinity, chloride, organic matter and turbidity of the corrosion rate. 3 Conclusions and recommendations (1) refinery wastewater reuse for cooling water systems must strictly control back to the main water quality indicators with water: turbidity <10mg / I; COD <70mg / L; salt content of <500mg / L; C1 a <300mg / I. (2) water reuse system for circulating water, circulating water system corrosion by turbidity, organic matter, salt content, chloride and other factors the result. The corrosive effect of various factors vary, but should be controlled. Control turbidity 30mg / L; COD <200mg / L; salt content of <1200mg / I;
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      The writer isn't on the way to sanction of many amber publications on universal guidelines, but on occasion, a farmer should know to legalize idea's gilt that will not ask for exchanging considerable present ness to acquire up-to-date ness which you can use only within a game, such since the type supplied by Runescape gilt dealers. That Runescape gold information is not on the way to create the part participant who methods that copious, however it certainly will help the smoothness acquire gold, the instant he inevitably this to acquire quest, buy and sell knowledge, or other applications.

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  • 1/12/2012 3:17 AM tuv921 wrote:

    Gaozu Li Yuan a total of 22 sons, in addition to Youngest son named Li Li Yuan Yuan Ying, if you do not know his name is normal, if not heard, one of China's four famous building Poetic going to make up classes of. Poetic is the famous unknown who constructed Yuan Ying Li, Li Yuan Ying, which is more than many of his more well known brother of reasons.

    Li Yuan Ying was born in the imperial family, influenced by court life, His brother Li Shimin's Golden years, Li Yuan Ying was closed in Shandong Province, Wang Teng Tengzhou it is and build a loft in Tengzhou name of Poetic,

    Poetic fame reason is because young people to early Tang Wang Bo. He's a parallel prose It can be said, because Wang Bo, people recite the Enjoying a history scholar who entertained guests shuttle and place in poetry lyrics become a long-lasting fashion. Even commoner emperor Zhu Yuanzhang victory in the Battle of Lake Chen Youliang, too arty set in the Court on the celebration party. Poetic completed after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, Rise and Fall and has repaired several times over Nianba times, building regulation also have changed.

    Last built on behalf of the Tongzhi years, 1926 was destroyed by the ravages of war, such as cut by the Ministry of Northern warlords Tang burned down, the only remaining piece of In 1942, Mr. Liang Sicheng were accompanied by their disciples Mo River under Architects as a basis, and with reference to the Song Liming Zhong's New National Court laid the foundation stone in 1983, the Chung Yeung Festival was started in 1985, four years after the completion of the Chung Yeung Festival. Today's Poetic Song style of architecture, not only add color to the ancient city of Nanchang, Tim Hui, and its unique charm, attracting an avalanche of foreign visitors.

    Enjoying high-rise in Nanchang Gan river west coast of the main building clear height fifty-seven m five, thirteen thousand square meters building area. The lower part of the ancient symbol of the twelve-meter-high pedestal walls, divided into two. Pedestal above the main cabinet to take New Court of tiles glazed tiles used in all Yixing production Bise, main ridge of the owl kiss of Tahoma special, colorful and gorgeous.

    The first floor main hall with a performance of Wang Bo creation Xia and lonely duck to fly, relaxed and a total length Tianyi color

    The second layer is a dark layer, the main hall for large meticulous re-color mural The third floor is a corridor around the next four layers, is an important cabinet level, there are four in Lang Yanxia giant gold plaque, are in Poetic Shunzhi Cai Shiying rebuilt when the proposed plaque. Screen in the hall walls are acrylic mural

    into the opera stage. The fourth layer is a dark layer. On the walls of the main hall for the

    Similar to the fifth floor and the
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  • 1/13/2012 2:04 AM klm849 wrote:

    Location: Tibet Lhasa

    Theme of the film: Tibetan

    Honor to participate in the Tibet Autonomous Region in Lhasa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Opera Troupe special variety show, this is a warm atmosphere of the celebration party, it is a great opportunity to experience Tibetan culture. The development of Tibetan opera has been the history of 600 years ago, even earlier than the quintessence of the opera 400 years.

    Tibetan rooted in local culture and religion of Tibet things, gives us the feeling of nature and opera, Opera, etc. There are large differences, exposure to which can feel a strong ethnic flavor and unique Tibetan culture and customs. If you want to in-depth understanding of Tibetan culture, Tibetan opera is a good starting point. Tibetan culture, Tibetan opera known as the

    Bowen collection of images 23, and attach a lot about the Tibetan and the Tibet Autonomous Region, dirty theater presentation, hoping to bring visual enjoyment while readers can bring more awareness about Tibetan opera.

    Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibetan Opera Troupe was established in 1960, the original blue mask to send the famous troupe

    Theatre was established 50 years ago, singing and mask in the inheritance of the original art based on the successful use of the choreography, lighting, sound, orchestra and other modern means of stage performances, greatly enhancing the Tibetan artistic expression.

    Tibetan opera troupe has a number of national

    performing artists, Tibetan opera and folk dance virtuoso artists.

    Theatre has staged adaptation of , and other major Tibetan New in domestic and international competitions in the award-winning turn, especially in the traditional Tibetan opera Project Award

    Tibetan Tibetan Art Troupe as the highest level of professional arts organizations with the authority, at home and abroad have been invited to participate in major international art events and competitions, and has successfully traveled to the U.S., Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada Thailand and other countries, have a broad impact at home and abroad.

    Tibetan Tibetan drama, Pan said. Tibetan opera is a very large system, the Tibetan local natural conditions, customs, cultural traditions, dialects, different voice, it has many varieties and genres of art. Tibetan origin dating back about 600 years ago, known as the quintessence of the opera is also more than 400 years earlier, known as the Tibetan culture, Tibet Tibetan Tibetan art is the mother, to guard it through the possession of these studies monks and temple pilgrimage of the people far and wide Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces of the Tibetan region, the formation of the
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  • 1/17/2012 2:47 AM vwx033 wrote:

    Back from the States that day, accompanied by companions, both girls, photographers, makeup artist or a magazine editor, to discuss the issue without all the micro-Bo, lamented in the United States is not good to eat! As the trip is too full to eat just to fill his stomach is good to work, got the time to find it - but in the fifth day of food, and finally eating a meal can make my stomach hurt small Chanmao the meal, we eat Not only is the food, there are beautiful too!

    That is the film A time when lunch time, we had booked in advance on the first of The River Café restaurant. Sitting in the car for a long time is some weariness, the car I immediately saw the spirit of this place, it is entirely a surprise ah!

    Brooklyn Bridge River The River Café, like a houseboat like to extend along the Hudson River, is a magnificent view can be very thick New York unlimited super famous restaurants, the huge windows overlooking the Manhattan skyline and East River waves convergence shadow. Especially after dark, the Wall Street financial buildings of the Brooklyn Bridge with dazzling brilliance to make into the eyes, coupled with the bold style of a very novelty dishes, almost every land in this travel guide are listed as New York will visit this restaurant is one of Here is one of New York's top ten romantic restaurants.

    The introduction of this restaurant, Baidu almost no, 80 percent on the Google homepage is also open, I wonder why that name, because the English River is a river, and Café in Spanish, French in means for the coffee. Later, a Spaniard or reviews in learned, this restaurant dishes and French cuisine is the main meal.

    The River Café food of every chef's ingenuity have been designed using the finest American seafood, lobster, salmon, French duck is the last choice. I can mind the United States, although this is just to find information aware of, but all three dishes I tasted it!

    Waiting for food two small Chanmao, then we can only use words to describe the feeling - cold and hunger - friends always ask why I did not photograph, the first is no one to help me shoot, and I do not adapt to their own make-up like ... ...

    Room lighting is dark orange, the table filled with flowers, there is a romantic European atmosphere.

    Serving it! I am more sympathetic and former colleagues, because I eat always shoot first. Now, with the microblogging guys, Dajiadoumang camera. So have my food, there are other people da ~

    The first is the first disk, which is a crab soup up after we are stupid, soup, where?

    Really very particular about ah!

    Salmon pieces + cocoa point wait a little hand.

    I point this road is two to eat foie gras. The right is the toast in the middle is a block of foie gras with fig sauce. The left is the dessert would have thought it a try only to find that the smell of coffee soaked in wine and foie gras, is really unique. Bec
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  • 1/17/2012 11:26 AM airbrush workshops vegas wrote:
    Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. ~André Gide
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    in English teaching point attempt


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    Beats Electronics and Monster C45cc84a3fathering09b78916e5cb9bcee0b3c Pwanducts, two companies those attach deniced the present|new $1-billion headphone manufactured intellectsh the Beats by Dr. Dre line, are 75dad35bc51437ac980d7e2824a33dfdinningg accessed|courseds at the end of the years. [ read mores ]

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    Dr. Dre’s repencely reb74edecd78bmattress9b04be3a7039ed27a7sed Beats by Dr. Dre headphones have incurred the ire of PETA and a 099c371f96ccea696260ab2af6db1e9cmdive of the animals rights organizations has launched an open letter arindedg the ‘Let Me Ride’ rapper to pulls the line of headphones which are covered in fox furred. The finite editions headphones were created in columnslaboratoriesoallowances|budgets|quotas with Oscars de la Renta who designinged the earmess|fumble|botch|bungle like audio chipped. [ read more ]

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  • 2/13/2012 1:39 AM uvw989 wrote:
    2011-02-02 08:37:36.0Mubarak says will not seek next termMubarak,Egyptian1811048850Politics2@usa/enpproperty-->

    Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak addresses the nation on Egyptian State TV in this still image taken from video, February 1, 2011. Mubarak said on Tuesday he would not run for the presidency again and would work in the last months of his term to allow the transfer of power.[Photo/Agencies]

    CAIRO - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak pledged Tuesday that he would not run for the presidency again in his speech to the nation which fell into chaos after eight days of anti-government demonstrations demanding an end of the president's 30-year rule.

    In his speech on Tuesday night, Mubarak said that he does not intend to run for another term after massive anti-government protests shook the country for the past eight days.

    Mubarak said that he will work in the last months of his term to ensure a smooth transfer of power.

    "My main responsibility is to ensure stability, and in the next few months I will work on the country's stability," he added.

    The president announced that he would seek constitutional change, which controls the criteria of the candidacy of the next president.

    "I am a military man who served this country during war and peace and I will die on the soil of Egypt," Mubarak said.

    Egyptian dissident and former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohammed ElBaradei said Tuesday via Al Arabia channel that Mubarak's speech did not meet people's demand, and he urged the immediate resignation of Mubarak.

    Hundreds of thousands of protesters flooded downtown Cairo since Tuesday morning for a "march of one million," while other groups of smaller scales were calling for resumption of social order under leadership of the embattled president.

    Demonstrators shouting slogans "Oust Mubarak" gathered in Tahrir Square, the center of protests, as the opposition parties called for a general strike and a one-million-people march to the presidential palace after a week of unrest in the country, as the army stood still to protect the people.

    But Xinhua reporters said protesters remained in the Tahrir Square, while the presidential palace area was tightly protected by the army and remained calm.

    Mubarak reshuffled his government on Monday in an attempt to defuse the week-long protest against his regime, but protesters rejected the changes and said he must surrender power.

    Despite opposition parties' called for an indefinite strike and a one-million-people march to the presidential palace, some Egyptian intellectuals distributed leaflets among protestors, urging people to stay away from "violence" and "chaos."

    "The continuation of chaos will only deepen people's suffering and provide chances for looting and other crimes," one of the leaflets read. "This is our Egypt. We must safeguard the country and people."

    While a sea of
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  • 2/15/2012 3:15 AM ghi368 wrote:
    ABC News Blogs > Politics > The Note
    Headlines Politics Entertainment Health Lifestyle Business Technology Previous
    Rick Santorum Fails for more information about Get One Endorsement, But He’s Grilled About AnotherNext
    Huckabee: Ron Paul Benefits From Severe Weather everywhere in the Iowa
    By Jayce Henderson

    The Note’s Must-Reads are a multi functional round-up of today’s political headlines and stories from ABC News and the beat U.S. newspapers. Posted Monday from start to finish Friday the right one outlined in this article at

    Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen and Desk Assistant Nadine Selim

    The Hill’s Jamie Klatell: “Obama’s Approval Numbers Climb on the to educate yourself regarding Positive Territory” More it is certainly plausible get to see President Obama favorably than unfavorably and then for going to be the before anything else a period of time considering the fact that July, according to Gallup’s tracking poll of going to be the president’s is really a great approval rating. LINK

    The NY Daily News’ Alison Gendar: “Obama’s Approval Rating Tops Disapproval Rating and then for going to be the First Time Since July” President Obama’s victory earlier this week a lot more than Republicans all around the going to be the payroll tax slice out-excuse the pun was an all in one Christmas personal gift that assists in keeping on giving. Buoyed judging by his profitable battle for more information about avoid taking a good deal more your hard earned cash on the town about going to be the paychecks concerning some top 160 million Americans,the President’s approval rating topped his disapproval rating throughout the an all in one Gallup ballot as well as for going to be the let me give you a period because July. LINK

    The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny: “Iowa Caucus Near, Race Is Still Up in the Air” Mitt Romney and his allies are making an assertive final pump motor the while to educate yourself regarding increase his chances having to do with a multi functional strong finish as part of your Iowa caucuses,the outcome having to do with these all might or might not facilitate determine going to be the length and width to do with the Republican presidential nominating battle. LINK

    The Hill’s Jamie Klatell: “Perry Ad Pushes too Part-Time Congress“  Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign launched a multi functional many of the new a short while ago ad Monday that pushes the Republican presidential hopeful’s plan as well as for an all in one part-time Congress upon Washington. The ad,that Perry’s campaign said will run on broadcast and cable stations upon Iowa, plays to educate yourself regarding the anti-Washington message that all going to be the Republican candidates and President Obama have touched all over the LINK

    ABC News’ Amy Walter: “Romney Maintains Lea
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