SQA: "FEMA Trains Being Lined Up Around the Nation - Pictures of them In San. Francisco"


Don't believe there are FEMA trains?

There is lots of information about them and camps at Liberty for Life

From above link:
FEMA ordered 107,200 'AutoMax' prison cars from Gunderson Steel modified from original FEMA design to carry automobiles.

Iwrote about my adventure in Georgia looking for a camp, checking outthe coffins and going to the Guidestones, in an earlier post.

Afriend of mine and I have discussed these things and she had mentionedseeing trains being stored/lined up in San Francisco. She said shewould pass by and more everyday would be added at the location.

After discussing this and my begging her to get pictures, she has come through!

These trains you see in the pictures are in San Francisco.
They seem to be lining them up in areas around the country now.
Haveyou been seeing trains like these around your area, if so please getthe pictures out to the public.
 I will be more than happy to add themhere.


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  • 10/8/2009 6:26 PM Okie wrote:
    These are car haulers. They could be modified I guess but I doubt it. These are lining up to haul off all the clunkers people traded in. Until someone who knows someone who works for the railroad and ask to see inside and get some pies of the shackles, dont jump quite yet. The car haulers have chains and stuff also. We or I need good proof, I use to work for railroad and I have seen in these, so if someone could change my mind ... please do.
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    1. 10/8/2009 9:51 PM Spook45 wrote:
      These are just car haulers. The rail cars that hitler used were a variety of cattle cars box cars and even a few refrigeration cars(rare at the time) These cars do have shackles in them bet they are to immobalize the cars while they are in transit. Point being that ANY rail cars are fine to transport mass numbers of people when you are ultimately going to KILL THEM ANYWAY:)
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  • 10/9/2009 9:27 AM Spook45 wrote:
    In RE: Clunkers? They cant use these cars to haul clunkers. The clunkers are disabled at the dealers where they are traded. To load these rail cars the vehicle must be DRIVEABLE. More over, the clunkers deal fell flat on its face and even though a large number of people took advantage of it, it didnt yield THAT many cars!!? The only RATIONAL explanation is that the cars are idle due to lack of auto trade, err go noo cars to tranport so they are being linned up and religated to unused track until they are needed. On a moore seruptitious note for thoose of us who sort of like to live in hte real world and read between the lines, They are being assembled for quick action in regard to something far more sinister. You have to make up your own mind, I have been studying and following these activities since the late 80's and I have made up my mind.
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    1. 10/11/2009 12:27 AM Okie wrote:
      You have been following this since the 80s. Thats very good. After I made that post, the next day I was driving threw my town and came to the train tracks. Low and behold there was a whole train with these cars on it. I totally freaked out, jump from my car and screamed OMFG!!! As I watched the cars of the train go by I noticed inside..... there were cars in them....hmmm. a few of them were empty, must of been for people.....

      Whatever is gunna happen, is gunna happen. but until it does these rail cars haul cars. Ill call fema tomorrow and ask them to please verify the truth about these cars.

      Been following this stuff bout 4yrs, and also worked for the railroad. peace
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  • 10/12/2009 3:11 PM scottsman wrote:
    okie, you and others are in denial and will believe when you are finally loaded on to these for your free obama -paid vacation at camp FEMA. Btw, have you noticed the Federal Police patrolling your town lately... say hello home land security... does Hardin montana or APF ring any bells? Need to wake up bro...
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    1. 10/13/2009 6:19 PM Okie wrote:
      easy fellows, I am awake, dont get me wrong. Im all about truth and all and I know enough not to have to ask you all questions. I AREADY KNOW WHAT I NEED TO KNOW.... ok. Thanks.

      I not here to argue or cut people down, I just want some more proof about the Car hauler. And seems like all you got are some tempers. Were all in this together, Im on your side. So go pick on your masters of puppets. This post is dead. peace bro...
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  • 9/29/2011 2:54 AM efg574 wrote:

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