My Top 10 Highlights of 2013

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My Top 10 Highlights of 2013



1. I received so much abundance

I won so many things in 2013! It started with my entry in Amethyst Mahoney’s Pinterest party for her Biztopia challenge. I entered a board and to my surprise, not only did I win, but the announcement came on my birthday! She sent me a trophy (I’ve never had a trophy before) and I got a free breakthrough session with her. 

Next I won a book from TV vet Dr Katrina on dog training, handy for when I eventually find my canine companion. I won another book from Mandy Steward called ‘Thrashing’, and I also won various small amounts in lotto, which I hardly ever enter. 

2013 was an abundant year!







2. I passed my piano exam

I started learning piano as an adult, just over five years ago. I’d only done one exam prior to this year, for preliminary grade. I got honours on my results, so I thought I’d be brave and sit the exam this year for grade 2. I was so nervous I almost didn’t make it through, but I persevered and got a credit.

I was so relieved and I have my certificate proudly hung on the wall. I’ve moved on to grade 3 and will probably start grade 4 later this year. It’s still a struggle to remember and apply everything at this stage, but I’ve come this far so I’m committed to going right through to grade 8!




3. My art therapy training is 3/4 complete

I’ve now completed 6 of my 8 modules needed to qualify for my Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy. These weekend workshops are such a joy. We meet in an amazing house up in Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains, amongst sweeping green hills and views to the ocean, where we learn and share and grow together. I have so much to bring to my clients in 2014 from the work I’ve done with this group!

maleny house



monte small



4. My elderly cat is still in excellent health

I have a 17 year old cat, Monte, who was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease a couple of years back. We’ve played around with his medication until his thyroid levels came back to normal, and that meant having blood tests every six months. The last time I had a complete blood screen done, which includes checking for diabetes, kidney and liver disease, and so forth. The vet rang me to say his results were all in the normal range, and added ‘he’s in awesome shape for his age’. That made me so happy :)





5. Holidays

I managed to have two holidays (or vacations as they’re called in the US) this year. The first one was to Fraser Island, a World Heritage site and Australia’s largest sand island. I’d been there twice before but this time we were caught in the tail end of a cyclone, so it was a very different experience! 

fraser 0391


There are no sealed roads so only four-wheel drives are allowed and it can only be reached by ferry. The area has long stretches of white beach along with rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, sand dunes, lakes and crystal clear creeks. After making it back to the mainland, we were stranded in Hervey Bay for a few days – but if you’re going to be stranded anywhere, that’s the place! 


river sunshine

My second holiday was beside the river on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. I had my first break in a long time where I really relaxed. I had dinner with friends, went to the movies, had a massage, walked on the beach, went to the markets and read by the pool. It was a great opportunity to recharge and daydream.





6. I learned Soul Collage®

I started creating a beautiful deck of Soul Collage® cards during a workshop I took to learn this amazing process.  It’s such a creative way to connect with your inner wisdom and access your intuition. So far I’ve made three cards but I plan to make a whole lot more.

After creating a card, you get to dialogue with it and ask questions. It’s one of those activities where time just disappears, I can’t wait to grow my Soul Collage® deck further and gain more messages and insights! 





7. I learned about empaths and HSPs

In June I went to the Mind Body Spirit festival and heard Heidi Jane speak about empaths and highly sensitive people. I heard her describe me. I had only planned to stay for a few minutes, but I stayed for the whole hour and took detailed notes. I knew I’d not only learned more about understanding myself, but I could also use this information to help my clients make sense of their own lives. This is an area I’ll be exploring in much greater depth in 2014!


8. I got to know some amazing people

A group of us from Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle discovered we lived in a similar geographical area so we all got together for breakfast one morning.  It was wonderful to meet like-minded people face to face. We chatted about business and personal growth and shared all sorts of ideas and support. I was also honoured to meet many like-minded people online and be invited to enter into joint ventures with some of them. I had articles published in magazines and contributed to a number of exciting projects. I look forward to more great collaboration and interaction with everyone this year.


9. I ended a relationship that wasn’t working

Although this was a difficult experience, it was also a positive in that I realised I’d learned all I needed to from the situation and could release the relationship with love and thanks. Letting go of people, places and situations that are no longer for our highest good can be painful, but it also opens another door and makes room for the new. Learning to set boundaries and to no longer dim your light for others is a valuable lesson and I am grateful for the opportunity to move forward in this area.


10. Sacred Stories and Treasure Maps

I was able to launch two more offerings this year to help others move forward with creating lives that align with their true essence. I had such fun working on these with clients, and it gave me even more inspiration for new offerings in 2014. I’ll be making an announcement soon about my first e-course, and I’ll also be offering art therapy sessions and Soul Art® workshops in the near future. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

images (11)

Overall it’s been a full year of things to be grateful for. Share your 2013 highlights below, I’d love to read them.

Thank you for being part of my year! 


  1. I love your list! And I adore you. :)

    Happy New Year, my sweet friend!
    Renee recently posted…Guest Post: India TaylorMy Profile

  2. Oh my gosh what a wonderful year! I loved reading this and hearing more about what exciting accomplishments and experiences you have had in 2013! Congratulations Leanne and thanks for being an inspiration in my life ;)

  3. I also loved reading this and it has inspired me to create my own – wow what an amazing journey hey :-) x

  4. Awww love you guys
    {{{Renee, Jill, Diane}}}
    That’s a big group hug! xxx

  5. Beautiful list! I aspire to have such an awesome year myself for 2014 :D


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