Leanne Chapman

Leanne Chapman is a registered psychologist, art therapist, certified Soul Art® guide, writer and life coach. She has worked extensively in the fields of mental health and education within universities, hospitals and community organisations. She is a former president of the Eating Disorders Association of Qld.

Leanne has been widely published in magazines and professional journals on the role of creativity and animals in healing and emotional well-being. She is also a sought-after radio guest on the topic of finding your voice and living authentically.


A popular workshop presenter, she has facilitated several courses at the Relaxation Centre of Queensland based on Julia Cameron’s bestselling book ‘The Artists’ Way – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity‘, as well as groupwork on body image awareness, managing anxiety and depression, and communication skills.

Leanne provides coaching and psychological support to clients from all over the world. She is passionate about helping individuals create soul-directed lives based on deep authentic connections with themselves and others.  



  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), James Cook University, 1995
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology, Bond University, 1996
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, 2000
  • Diploma of Life Coaching, Life Coaching Institute of Australia, 2005
  • Certified Soul Art® guide, Soul Art Studio, 2011
  • Certificate of Initiatic Art Therapy, 2014




What is Claim Your Treasure about?

Leanne uses Joseph Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey as a framework for mentoring you to transform your life. She also incorporates Jung’s philosophy of working with the shadow to assist you to reclaim lost parts of yourself so you can become fully YOU again. Claim Your Treasure is a place where you can:






‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’ ~ Joseph Campbell







About you

The people Leanne works with are those who suspect they came here to live a different life to the one they’re currently living. They are not sure how to use their gifts in the real world and need guidance and intuition to help navigate the path to understanding who they really are and what they have to offer.

They are people who follow the path less travelled and feel troubled about this because  it’s unclear to them why they are on a different path to others and where this leads. Nevertheless with support they’re prepared to keep walking this path because they know it will lead to a place where they can reach their fullest potential for making a contribution to this world before they leave it. They are people who notice and respond to beauty in all its forms, can appreciate quietness and simplicity, and are comfortable with emotion. Their core values include kindness, faith in a higher power, and integrity. They have a warrior’s heart, are able to create deep spiritual connections with others, and believe in magic. They consider themselves free spirits, dreamers who want to become doers.

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