Introducing the new Soulful Life Sanctuary

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Introducing the new Soulful Life Sanctuary     Are you ready to slow down, exhale, and reconnect with your soul? Would you like to connect with like-minded people and support one another on your journeys? If you’re longing to relax, share openly, and experience deep connections, I’d love to introduce you to the Soulful Life Sanctuary. It’s a space where you can be your true, authentic self, be supported, and simply BE.   The Soulful Life Sanctuary includes a loving, supportive community, a virtual classroom/retreat center, and a set of tools/resources to help you live your most radiant, authentic, soulful life. It was created by my friend, Jodi Chapman (no we’re not related, but we pretend we’re long-lost cousins) – she’s...

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My Top 10 Highlights of 2013

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My Top 10 Highlights of 2013   1. I received so much abundance I won so many things in 2013! It started with my entry in Amethyst Mahoney’s Pinterest party for her Biztopia challenge. I entered a board and to my surprise, not only did I win, but the announcement came on my birthday! She sent me a trophy (I’ve never had a trophy before) and I got a free breakthrough session with her.  Next I won a book from TV vet Dr Katrina on dog training, handy for when I eventually find my canine companion. I won another book from Mandy Steward called ‘Thrashing’, and I also won various small amounts in lotto, which I hardly ever enter.  2013 was an abundant year!           2. I passed my piano exam I started learning piano as...

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GUEST POST: Following a Soul-Inspired Idea

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GUEST POST: Following a Soul-Inspired Idea: The Birth of the “Awakening to Your Divine Self” Oracle Deck It’s been a while since I posted here – so much has been happening and I plan to catch up during December – but to finish off this month I have an amazing story of creative inspiration from my friend Jill Chesrow of Inner Alignment Mandalas. This is the story of how she and an inspired group of women from all over the world came together to bring a dream to life. I love how she reminds us we don’t have to know the full ‘how’ in order to begin taking action towards creating our dreams. You can read more about Jill below.   Have you ever had an idea come to mind and it just felt so right? Like it came from far beyond your...

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Plans for Hibernation

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Plans for Hibernation I realised my plan to hibernate would not actually happen if I didn’t do anything different during these winter months. I still need to work to earn money but I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home for much of the week. This means I have some freedom to schedule each day the way that suits me best. In the wild, hibernation usually involves eating a lot followed by a period of inactivity to conserve energy and escape the extreme cold and lack of available food during winter. Some animals even give birth during this period of slumber. Well I do plan to eat a lot – not quantity but quality. I do plan to sleep, to aim for at least 8 hours sleep a night (I’m a night owl who could easily stay up till 3am). I do...

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International Soul Art Day 2013

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International Soul Art Day 2013 I participated in International Soul Art Day again this year, even though I completed it two weeks after the actual day.  As a certified Soul Art guide, I do this process often, but each time Laura guides it she gives us a new creativity door through which to enter the process. This time it was to write down five topics of interest, find images for each topic, and to create a story involving a word from each topic within a 2 minute time frame. The story was then recreated on our body map. I decided to go back to collage this year, I used paint last time, but I’d collected some  interesting images for each of the five topics so I decided to see what they’d tell me. After tracing two body parts, I noticed they formed...

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Becoming A Writer

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Becoming A Writer As I was getting ready to send out my first newsletter for this year, making sure it was filled with tips on how to make this year count and how to get through winter happily etc, I had a sudden feeling deep inside that made me stop short. It was a feeling of disappointment, like a little part of me had stood aside from it all and said ‘oh not this again’. It’s hard to be offended with yourself, so I thought I’d better try and understand what it was all about. When I started my blog in 2011, and my website a few months ago, the aim was to have a special place where I could share openly and write from the heart. I wanted to draw in likeminded souls who would be touched by what I had to share and who might feel inspired by...

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