What Are Your Gifts?

»Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 | 12 comments

What Are Your Gifts? I recently read an article where a reader had commented that he was sick of people who categorise themselves as ‘empaths’ and ‘introverts’ believing they were more special than ‘normal’ people.  He commented that everyone has the capacity for empathy and compassion, and that we make a choice whether or not to demonstrate care for others. He also stated that people who demonstrate empathy for others are just doing what humans are meant to do, therefore there is nothing special about it. I agree that having high levels of empathy doesn’t make a person more valuable than anyone else, but I don’t agree that everyone can feel empathy, or that everyone is even meant to. Empathy, like all traits,...

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Step Out Of The Scapegoat Role

»Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 | 22 comments

Step Out Of The Scapegoat Role Did you know the word ‘scapegoat’ came originally from a ceremonial practice where a goat was sacrificed for the sins of the people, and another goat was then loaded up symbolically with these sins and sent out into the wilderness alone to perish. The goats themselves were considered pure, and the shame and sin of the people were transferred on to these innocent creatures to carry. There are many innocents who carry the blame for others. It allows groups of people, families or whole nations to project their own prejudices and aggression away from themselves. It’s a very painful role to play, however family therapists believe the scapegoat is often the healthiest family member because they aren’t complicit in...

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The Gift of Your Inner Problem Child

»Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 | 26 comments

The Gift of Your Inner Problem Child My two cats like to take turns being ‘problem child’ of the week. This week it’s Jade. Yes that’s a tear in the cotton canopy of my four-poster bed. I’ve had it for years and it’s got a few small holes which I knew would be inevitable with two crazy cats in residence.  But this wound is definitely going to need stitches.   She climbed up there sometime during the night, probably chasing a fly that got inside yesterday, and discovered she couldn’t get down. I woke in the murky light and saw her suspended in the air, followed by the sound of material ripping. This is an extension of her tendency to climb fly screens after lizards, she gets stuck there too.  We’re all having...

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Your Life Is Your Story

»Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 | 9 comments

Your Life Is Your Story Today I’m welcoming guest blogger Nicole LaBonde. Based in Miami, she’s a dancer, choreographer, Pilates instructor and coach. Somehow amongst all that, she found time to write this inspiring article about the power of stories. You can read more about the amazing Nicole below. I love stories. I love books. I love reading and writing. What I loved most about my professional work in the theatre was the fact that it was really just living stories. My job as an actor, choreographer and director was to help the story be told.  Our lives are full of stories. Fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Our family history. Myths. The history of our world, our country, our state, our town. Stories of our religious tradition. Stories to...

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Should you change for others?

»Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 | 10 comments

Should you change for others? They say you shouldn’t have to change when you get into a relationship, your partner should accept you exactly as you are now, and you them. I don’t agree. Being in a relationship will change you, so will a great friendship. It will force you out of your comfort zone, and grow you into a bigger and more vibrant version of yourself. Otherwise what’s the point? Of course you won’t become something that you aren’t, you’ll become more of who you already are. Aspects of yourself that aren’t as visible when you’re alone will come to light more when you’re in a close relationship, for example your generosity, your sense of humour, your great listening skills. This works in both directions...

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List of Life

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List of Life Another beautiful guest post from Renee Avard – this time sharing her life lessons. You can learn more about Renee below. We’d love you to share some of your own life lessons in the comments section! Going through through tough times so often makes you really appreciate what you have. The following list is a bit of my life’s lessons. Take what resonates…and what does not, just release it. Knowledge that you can gain wisdom from many different things When maturity happens, it leads to wisdom which leads to freedom Life experiences counts as much as ‘hitting the books’ does Every belief is just that – a belief Honor your sacred journey and respect and honor the journeys of others Your inner child has, did have,...

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