Do You Know the Landscapes of Your Soul?

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Do You Know the Landscapes of Your Soul?

Today I have the great pleasure of hosting day 5 of Essence of Wild’s Virtual Blog Tour. There is also another stop on the Virtual Blog Tour today at Allurynn’s place over at Moonlight Muse, and yesterday Essence of Wild visited Subtle Harmony with Gin White. Click here to read Gin’s blog and here to visit Allurynn.

Below is my review of Landscapes of Your Soul, the latest enchanted offering from Essence of Wild. 

Jason Smalley and Jackie Stewart are the creators of the Barefoot Breathing course which I got great joy out of taking part in last year.  Together they have designed this elegant e-book and the accompanying meditation as a means of teaching people to connect more deeply with the ancient spirit of the land.

Mother Earth is a source of great healing and wisdom IF we know how to tune our awareness into the connection we all have with her. This beautiful and haunting meditation narrated by Jackie allows us to access the feelings, experiences and messages from nature that would normally be drowned out by the chatter that goes on constantly in our heads. Following Jackie’s guided visualisation, we are shown how to connect with our heart and receive the gifts our own unique guide has for us.

The e-book accompanying the meditation provides creative prompts and blissful images of nature to help us further explore the insights arising from the deep connection evoked via this meditative journey. Journal prompts invite personal explorations around the landscape we visited and the guide(s) we met, as well as exploring how we felt about the experience and any healing or insights which occurred.

There are also gentle reminders to remain present and mindful during the process so we can stay focused on our journey. The creative prompts are a springboard for exploring each aspect of the meditation in greater depth – either as questions or sentence starters. We are invited to ‘wander on the shores of your past’ and also to sense what the trees and earth in a particular place may have witnessed and experienced. Our outer landscapes serve as a metaphor for our inner landscape, and there are exercises for exploring feelings we might have about a certain place from our past – whether feelings of comfort or discomfort – both have something to show us.

Landscapes of the Soul is definitely earth medicine for the weary spirit, as well as a tool for tuning into our intuition and deepening our connection with both the land itself and the inner landscape of our soul.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Landscapes of Your Soul and that it has inspired you to consider exploring the landscapes of YOUR soul. Click here to purchase your own copy for instant download.

Be sure to visit the next stop on the tour tomorrow here at Karina’s Inner Space.



  1. Thank you for hosting day 5 of the blog tour and for writing so beautifully about Landscapes of Your Soul xxx

  2. Thank you for your beautiful review of Landscapes of Your Soul. I loved it too!

    Big hugs, Karina

  3. I have so enjoyed these special pathways to read how Mother Earth and her medicine touches and heals us. I have found people who share my love and walk a similar path. Thank you. The Lady Moon Journal is a part of my daily ritual at the moment.