Essential Steps to A Fulfilling Life

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Essential Steps to A Fulfilling Life

Are you leading a life that reflects your core values? If you aren’t, you may find it difficult to feel fulfilled or to have a real sense of purpose and meaning.

What are core values?

These are the things that are most important to us, the things we believe in and want to experience most in life. When we get caught up habits and routines that conform to the expectations of our boss, our society, even our family, we can sometimes move away from living a life that reflects our true self. Core values are different for each person and we usually have a number of them that are necessary for expressing who we are as an individual.

Why are they important?

Getting clear on our personal values allows us to take actions that line up with what’s important to us, rather than to someone else. We need to be expressing our own core values in order to live a life that feels vital and meaningful.

How do I know what my core values are?

Try answering the following questions and see what your answers reveal:

1. What are the things you love to do?

eg. reading, singing, having coffee with friends, swimming in the ocean, sleeping in


2. What are the things that are important on a daily basis?

eg. being organised, feeling like you belong, helping others, having time out


3. What were the things you loved as a child?

eg. visiting my grandparents, playing with my dog, going camping


4. What do you consider your most meaningful accomplishments?

eg. getting my degree, raising a family, travelling the world


5. What are you good at? (ask others for help on this one if you need to!)

eg. adapting to new situations, using computers, saving money


6. What am I to others?

eg. a good listener, the life of the party


7. What qualities do I need to be expressing to be happy?

eg. an active social life, a creative hobby, good nutrition, living in luxury


8. Now ask yourself what core values arise from these answers?

eg. creativity, inspiring others, being in nature, learning new things, having beautiful surroundings


9. How will you bring more of these things into your life?


When I first did this activity, I identified my core values as kindness, creativity, faith, animals & nature, and courage.

Some of these were missing from my life at the time so I worked to bring more of them into my daily activities. Sometimes it was as simple as doing some sketching while I was in front of the tv, taking a friend’s dogs to the park, or making some green juice. These small things made me happier than I ever expected – it’s amazing what tiny steps can make a difference to our level of fulfilment and sense of purpose!


I would love to hear what values you identified and how you might bring more of them into your life. Click on the comments link above or in the box below to share what’s important to you.


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  1. I absolutely love the look of your blog, I feel like I just discovered a tropical island.
    Really great questions and definitely helpful to discovering core values!

    • Dominee, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love your site too Leanne~ I so love the beach and the story of the how an oyster makes a pearl is dear to my heart. Last year I found out how important it is to know our core values and how not living them makes us feel like something is missing and isn’t quite right………thx for sharing and best wishes on your site! :)

    • Gina, yes the pearl shell is very symbolic. Thanks for the lovely feedback and your good wishes x

  3. Great post Leanne,
    A core value of mine is I am an excitable talker and Im learning to be a peaceful bystander more. Learning to listen, really listen.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Ps Website looks freeeeaaakin awesome!!

    • Haha Toni, thank you! Listening and being peaceful is a great quality but we need the talkers of the world too, so don’t undervalue that side of yourself :)

  4. Beautiful site! Very personable and professional at the same time. This is so enchanting! I love your article, too. A theme that has been recurring in what I have been studying, spritually, is that self fuflfillment is one of the keys to inner peace and true happiness. You articulated it so well. Thanks for the guide. It will help me and a lot of people, I am certain!!

    • Thanks for your lovely words Sue, I’m glad it resonated with you and I’m so happy you liked the look of the site as well :)

  5. Oh, Leanne – me three for loving the look of your blog and this post.

    Core values are something I’ve done a lot of work on over the past. I’ve learned that “no one right way” is more than just a motto to me – it’s actually a core value that’s right at the heart of my being. Dynamic balance is another vital value for me: I know many experts claim there’s no such thing as balance, but my lived experience suggests there is for me, and that I feel better all round when I’m in it!

    Thanks for a thought-provoking read.



    • Tanja, yes I agree about there being no one right way with most things, I think tolerance and respect grows when we learn to value diverse ways of seeing things. Balance is something most people don’t have which is maybe why so many don’t believe in it!

  6. Your site is a celebration of you Leanne, and I agree with the others, it’s quite lovely and clearly you put a lot of thought into it. Congratulations!

    My core values have evolved and shifted as I have grown older. They are certainly different from my early 20′s, but I believe the one common thread is being true to who I am and not worrying about what others think. For years I thought I was not okay, because people around me didn’t want to engage in talk about personal development. It was all too heavy and I guess it triggered things in themselves.

    Today, I am confident in who I am and I know that when people don’t resonate, I don’t have to make them wrong or myself right, they just aren’t my people.

    I think living life with the Intention of being kind, helpful, and genuine.
    I believe those are healthy core values.

    With Joy~

    • That’s a great realisation to come to Teresa, I think realising who we are and being true to that is the best way to find like-minded people who further strengthen our ability to live by our core values. Thanks for sharing your own values and learnings. x


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