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Clarity Sessions – Guidance for your Soul

The Hero’s Journey

You may have heard the phrase ‘every person’s life is a hero’s journey’, and it’s true. We’re all on this journey, at different stages along the road.

Joseph Campbell, the mythologist who came up with the idea of the hero’s journey, described our everyday lives as ‘the homeland’ – the place where we go to work, meet up with friends, raise our families etc. However we often find ourselves moving out of the homeland and into what he called ‘the wasteland’.

This is the place where our everyday lives start to feel stale. When something is missing we tend to look to the outside world for answers – we move house, change jobs, leave relationships – but still we feel stuck. We have heard ‘the call’, but we reject it or pretend not to hear it, because to follow it would take us too far out of our comfort zones.



The Call

It’s probably no surprise that the answers that lead us out of the wasteland don’t lie in the outside world, but are within each of us. Those who have the courage to follow the call step through a gateway and begin the journey within. There, in the unknown, you begin to make your own path rather than following someone else’s.

Once you step through the gate, there is no going back. The path through the unknown will be dark and winding and rocky, and you may feel as though you’re wandering without direction, lost and alone. This is where a guide steps in. You’re probably familiar with this character in popular stories, such as Star Wars (Yoda), Harry Potter (Dumbledore) and Lord of the Rings (Gandalf).


The Reward

Your guide cannot tell you where to go or what to do, but they can give you weapons for dealing with each challenge you encounter, shine a light ahead of you so you can find your footing, or cast magic dust over your journey.

Why take this journey if it’s so arduous? The answer: because it leads you to the moment of transformation where you’ll face your biggest fears, challenge your dragon, and claim your treasure.

The road back home can be just as rocky – remember Indiana Jones finds the treasure but almost loses it on the way home due to thieves and other distractions. Your guide can step in here as well. Then once you’re home with your treasure, your own transformation will begin to transform others. 


 Are You Ready?

Is it time for you to heed the call? The answer is yes if you’re feeling like it’s time to stop living someone else’s life. Stop believing those false limiting beliefs that hold you back – let go of the path you thought you ‘should’ follow and discover what’s true for you. Come home to yourself.

Through my own experience, I know the only thing keeping me living a smaller life than I deserved…was me.  I’ve taken my own hero’s journey many times, and now I have a strong desire to connect with and guide others who are ready to do the same.

I know that sometimes the call feels like a nuisance call – it’s too scary/inconvenient/uncomfortable and it comes at what feels like the worst time, just one more issue to deal with. But the call will only get louder until you follow it.

If you’re willing to step through the gate, I would love to be your guide. I will show you:

  • how to identify the obstacles that send you in the wrong direction, holding you back physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • how to leave behind the old stories that mislead you, making you feeling lost and alone
  • how to use your own creativity, intuition and imagination as fuel for the journey
  • where to find the source of your own light and empowerment
  • how to find your treasure and access it in your daily life.


A Warning

This journey is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for those who want live life to the fullest, and live it on their terms. It’s for those who are fed up with living a too-small life, those who long to make a difference in the world.



Jill“Feeling heard is a true gift you gave to me. It seems to me that you take the whole person and the human experience into account and while you go deep you also bring an element of safety and fun to the exploration of harmonious and happy living. I have a much deeper awareness now. You make me think about things differently and I like that. Many of my friends are counselors and therapists of some sort but without the metaphysical background. To have a higher awareness of life and the traditional tools to me is a WINNING combination.”

- Jill Chesrow


What You’ll Receive:

  • One to one guidance to activate your intuition, creativity and natural healing processes
  • Support to connect with your truth, create lasting change and claim your treasure
  • Materials and resources supplied to fit your specific needs
  • Comprehensive worksheets to keep and refer back to as needed
  • Healing and transformation on the deepest level in a safe nurturing environment.


What I’ll Do:

  • I will challenge your limitations.
  • I will nudge you outside your comfort zone into the ‘stretch’ zone
  • I will acknowledge your fears but I will also challenge them
  • I will hold you accountable for what you say you truly want
  • I will guide you to light bulb moments and new insights.


What You’ll Do:

  • You’ll show up and do the work, even when it’s hard
  • You’ll be brave and respond from your heart rather than your head
  • You’ll trust your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom
  • You’ll be kind to yourself throughout the journey.


What We’ll Do:

Each person’s journey is unique, however the tools we’ll use are drawn from the following areas as appropriate:

  • Soul Art® 
  • Journal Therapy
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Symbol Work
  • Guided Drawing
  • Grounding and meditation in nature
  • Psychological therapies
  • Spiritual guidance.


Important Note!

We will laugh and have lots of fun…it won’t be hard every step of the way!


How Do I Start?

Book your Clarity Session and get ready to take a journey like never before!




Before I came across Leanne’s work, I was going through a period where I felt cut off from my intuitive and creative nature and was repeating unhelpful stories about myself in my head and holding onto negative energy from the past. Leanne’s work has helped me to shift my paradigms through narrative therapy, psychology theories, art therapy and her inspirational attitude, enabling me to reconnect with my healthy and visionary aspects of my instinctive, intuitive and creative nature.

I highly recommend Leanne as an Intuitive Guide and Creativity Coach.

I have found that I can more easily shape my life around a mission and use myself up everyday in the service of something bigger, that fulfills, inspires and sustains me.  Taking the Hero’s Journey has helped me to see that I’m on a meaningful journey that helps to improve the lives of myself and others.  Since working with Leanne I have come up from the underground and I continue to find ways to apply the knowledge, deepened awareness, skills and strategies I have found on my journey.

- Clare McLoghlin



How do I book:

 to set up a day and time for your FREE exploratory session. If you’re in another time zone, you can work out the time difference with Australia (Queensland) here.  

I will call you at the agreed time of our appointment, either via phone or Skype.

Skype software is free to download and free to use. We will feel as though we’re face-to-face in the same room, however you can also choose to turn off the video option if you find this more comfortable.

  • Download and register Skype for free here.
  • Add my Skype name ‘baysideleanne’ to your contact list.
  • At the time of our appointment, open Skype and click the answer option when I call you  – you can choose to answer with or without video. 


Are Clarity Sessions confidential?

Protecting your identity is of great importance to me. I keep all records strictly private and password protected and I never discuss your personal information with anyone. The same standards and guidelines used for in-person sessions also apply to Skype discussions. 


If you have any further questions, please feel free to . 

It’s an honour to assist you on your hero’s journey ♥