Life Is Amazing

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Life Is Amazing

Today I have a beautiful guest post from my friend Renee Avard about how amazing our lives really are. I’ve read through this list several times and I know I’ll return to it again and again – each item is a great reminder of all the treasures available around us every day. After you’ve finished reading, go and visit Renee on her site at Catch a Falling Star - she’s pretty amazing too!

Life is amazing:

  • Spending time in bookstores
  • The sky – day or night
  • That “thirst is finally quenched” feeling
  • Days where everything you needed done, gets done
  • Having the money to get the peach smoothie
  • Holding and charging crystals







  • Refreshing juices – peach and watermelon, namely
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Being asked to use your skills there, through that venue
  • Seeing the starlight through your bedroom window
  • Hearing thunder and rain on a night in and under blankets
  • Recognizing that good things happen more than not
  • Knowledge that the sun will be there every morning
  • And the moon will be there every night







  • Total trust in consistent behavior
  • The overwhelming feeling when tears of joy happen
  • The emotion when the weight finally drops off
  • Freedom and enlightenment
  • Emotional releases in the form of tears and anger
  • Regaining trust and a handle on the situation
  • Realizing what is said is said at the right time and place and it holds weight
  • The little party I have when that poem, post or article is complete
  • Sometimes music in the car and sometimes silence
  • Holding others to the level of comfort needed based on the way the cat acts
  • Smiling due to no known reason







  • Feeling comfort when needed the most
  • Running into old friends or meeting new people that have many common interests
  • Those lyrics, that quote, those words – perfectly describing the current situation
  • Confident words and thoughts after years of uncertainty
  • Coming into awareness in a variety of ways in life
  • Trusting that life knows 
  • Finishing that project – finally
  • Receiving and hearing compliments that validate your feelings
  • Knowing you do not have to be acknowledged, but feeling awesome when you are.

And, finally: Feeling gratitude every day, for every thing, in every way. Remember: All are worth catching – yes, even you!

© Renee Avard

Renee is a prominent spiritualist and advocate for positive thinking and doing, based in Texas.

Her varying spiritual endeavors can be found on Catch A Falling Star. 

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  1. “…And the moon will be there every night.” Loved reading that!! What a beautiful reminder of all of the awesomeness that surrounds us at every moment if we are willing to recognize it all. Lovely post! Thank you xo
    Cindie recently posted…Comment on The Hidden Meanings in Your Relationships by CindieMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. The moon, the night sky, the stars — they have always given me such incredible peace and comfort. It’s nice that other people feel this way, too!
      Renee Avard recently posted…~ This Journey ~My Profile

  2. This is a great list. I love that the moon is with me every night. There is such comfort in that!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted…The Study of Humility: Part 3My Profile

    • So glad you feel that as well! It’s a great and wonderful comfort to me!
      Renee Avard recently posted…~ This Journey ~My Profile

  3. Love it! Thx for sharing this Leanne and Renee……love the pics…..especially of the crystals :)
    gina rafkind recently posted…Purifying Your Space ~ using essential oils to clear away heavy energyMy Profile

  4. Thanks so much, Gina! It’s an honor to have you read my work. Sending hugs and gratitude!
    Renee Avard recently posted…~ This Journey ~My Profile

  5. Oh yeh, this post helps me take a deep breathe and go ahhhhhh :-)

    • That’s a good feeling Alison :)

  6. Hugs and love to all who commented and I will be writing more things like this very soon! *hugs and blessings*


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