List of Life

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List of Life

Another beautiful guest post from Renee Avard – this time sharing her life lessons. You can learn more about Renee below. We’d love you to share some of your own life lessons in the comments section!


Going through through tough times so often makes you really appreciate what you have. The following list is a bit of my life’s lessons. Take what resonates…and what does not, just release it.

  • Knowledge that you can gain wisdom from many different things
  • When maturity happens, it leads to wisdom which leads to freedom
  • Life experiences counts as much as ‘hitting the books’ does
  • Every belief is just that – a belief
  • Honor your sacred journey and respect and honor the journeys of others
  • Your inner child has, did have, and always will have an answer
  • And will always have value
  • Problems become issues only when you allow them to
  • Things are only seen when you know what to look for – so TRUST yourself
  • Put things out into the Universe – let go, and let God
  • There is a time for explanation and for non-explanation
  • Understand we all have our own perception
  • Striving for perfection will get you nowhere
  • Too much can be just that – too much
  • Silence is a very important part of communication
  • Meditation, prayer and channeling works for me
  • Take deep breaths in and out often
  • Balance is key
  • We are all growing and to have accountability is actually something everyone yearns for
  • Admission is key
  • Instinctive emotion, good or bad, always works out in your best interest and ALWAYS will
  • Credibility is worth chances taken
  • Not every chance missed is negative and not every chance taken is a positive
  • Not everything is a personal attack
  • RESPECT  – yep, it’s like that

 We are ALL worth catching


© Renee Avard


As an eclectic spiritualist with a focus on Earth-Based Spirituality, Renee Avard, the “Unique-tivity Guide” has many areas of unparalleled knowledge. Her business was created to be a customized Holistic and Spiritual endeavor, assisting in bringing out the unique and creative side each person already has inside them. Forever learning, Renee is both a student and a guide who is here to show how to allow your star inside to lighten life outside. We are ALL worth catching. Follow Renee and her endeavors at her site and on Facebook. 

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