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There are cats living in my bed

around my feet and in my head

they haunt me in the midnight hour

swirling darkly while I cower

 the bedclothes offer no protection

from the warmth of their affection

as twelve white paws nimbly skip

lightly on my pillow slip

and settling on me in a heap

three ghostly felines softly sleep.

 © Leanne Chapman



  1. Wow, what a beautiful an evocative poem! It reminds me of the times when I had a feline companion. How I love the purring furballs – alas, these days I have budgies (and love their feathery cuteness), and the twain do NOT mix! ;-)

  2. Sibylle, I love that your enjoying these little poems :) I used to have a cockatiel and a cat together with no problems but it does depend on the particular feline I guess!

    • It definitely does, and it depends on the birds as well – mine are very scared of just about anything, so I would never do it to them. I cuddle every cat I meet on the street though! <3


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