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Kayoko Omori 

Based in New Mexico, Kayoko is the “GPS for the Gifted Soul”. She mentors highly independent, “bigger-than-life” creative women who know they are not doing what they’re really supposed to do and are stuck in the familiar, vicious loop. Using her signature I Am Enough System™, Kayoko makes fast, sustainable transformation seem step-by-step, bite-sized and completely safe.

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What are you most proud of today that you once thought you would never achieve?

Turning the cycle of self-destruction and stubborn self-judgment into the cycle of inner peace and connection to the Divine.


How did you change your old story about not being capable/able/good enough to one that allowed you to move forward with your dreams?

Letting go of what actually did not belong to me – thoughts, emotions, belief patterns, paradigms. Then, allowing truths to emerge, now that I was ready. Nothing had ever been done to me personally, the meaning I placed on my life was not necessarily so – no one is to blame.


What would you tell your younger self if you could write her a letter and guide her to where you are now?

You’re going to go through some really really rough times. You chose this. You didn’t sign up for easy, you know that. But from all those experiences, agonizing moments of suffering – you will learn to let go from your life what was never yours.

You offer yourself to the world. Don’t try to fake anything. When you are much older, you will understand. Do not get tempted by what other people do, say or think. You are ahead of the times, and there appears to be a high price for you to pay because of it. Your integrity with your guidance cannot be bought, or taken away.

Treasure it.


Now you’ve uncovered your truth, how do you keep it alive and stop yourself from slipping back into those old stories again?

When I go through a round of self-pity, self-deprecation occasionally – PMS time for sure – I practice, little by little, not judging it. I go through horrible self-talk, ok, I do. I am paying attention to suffering, and I have a choice. I do NOT force myself to feel better, that is counter-productive. Then I don’t get to practice my “bounce-back muscles”. At the heart of it is: suffer you must, enjoy you must, all is real, all is illusion. Breathe, there is nothing good nor bad.


What treasures do you think your future self would like to give you to keep you celebrating your amazing spirit and determination?

Do you not realize yet that you ARE the goldmine – why are you still looking? You’re not sitting on a goldmine. YOU ARE. Spiritual authenticity is not about being comfortable or convenient or readily marketable. Own your power. Why are you afraid? Do not be led by the ghosts of your past. No more hiding behind anything. Take a leap of faith. Do not recycle what is already dead.


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