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Renee Avard


Renee is a prominent spiritualist and advocate for positive thinking and doing based in Texas. Her varying spiritual endeavors can be found on Catch A Falling Star, including Oracle Card Readings, A FULL specialized Reiki session (crystals, oils, and chakras), or crystal and chakra work on their own.

She has also created “Aspects of Self” Intention Kits and offers customized writing services as a mentor/teacher. As an Ordained Minister, Renee conducts classes in person and online.

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What are you most proud of today that you once thought you would never achieve?

My own business up and running. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with two disabilities and I honestly thought life as I knew it was over ~  BUT, after some rewording of affirmations in my head and hard work, I was able to start my business.  I am still disabled, but am better equipped to handle it now and am not a patient, then me, but am Renee, who has disability  as a small part of my life. 


How did you change your old story about not being capable/able/good enough to one that allowed you to move forward with your dreams?

I stood up for myself and broke a very terrible cycle of abuse.  I was raised in an environment that taught me that I was not then, nor would I ever be ‘good enough’ or amount to anything. I chose to take my life on a different path, and just because it was not right in my mother’s eyes, did not mean it was wrong.  I am thriving now despite what I was raised around. 


What would you tell your younger self if you could write her a letter and guide her to where you are now?

Marriage is sacred and should be entered in with the long-term being the goal.  I got married way too young to someone all wrong for me just in search of my own family and to not be alone. This backfired on me,and it ended in a short marriage and quick divorce.  I would write a letter stating that the key to living free is learning to love yourself and enjoy your own company.


Now you’ve uncovered your truth, how do you keep it alive and stop yourself from slipping back into those old stories again?

I walk a very Spiritual line/path that I try not to deviate from by reading, writing and being more positive about things.  I try not to worry, because I know that Spirit will let things happen in the perfect time and for my highest good.  I have learned to trust this thing called Life and let what is written be what happens and I have learned that I can change what I do not need or like with a simple switch of my mindset.


What treasures do you think your future self would like to give you to keep you celebrating your amazing spirit and determination?

Teaching more classes, writing books, maintaining a healthy client base, working hard in my business and finding the right time and balance for my family, work and spiritual life.


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  1. We each have so much beauty in our lives, thank you Renee for sharing your beauty. It gives encouragement to so many. xo
    Anne Partain recently posted…If We Were Not Scared To Tell The TruthMy Profile

    • Many thanks to all who read — Anne, I adore you. Leanne — Thank you for this opportunity. I am so touched beyond words this week!


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