Using self-expression, creativity and imagination to discover your sacred truth, find your lost treasures, and reconnect with who you really are – here you’ll find treasure maps, sacred stories, e-books and pearls of wisdom to guide you on your path and support your dreams.


sacredstory1Discover Your Sacred Story

If you’ve been wandering around feeling lost or not sure what your next step is, this personalised guide will show you how to:

a) unlock the meaning of your story so far, b) uncover new pathways to success, c) pinpoint your true life’s purpose, and d) intentionally take the next steps on your hero’s journey.

Your Sacred Story is your own personal fairytale, ready for laminating or framing.  Read more here or click the button below to purchase.

Valued at $97, get yours for a limited time at just $47.


intuitive readingGet Your Own Treasure Map

Your Treasure Map is an intuitive reading, individually created just for you. These are particularly suitable if you don’t need a full reading, but want an opportunity to receive a message of encouragement, support and guidance towards your next step.

I check in with your goddesses, animal medicine and journey guides to pick up what messages you need to hear.

Read more here or click the button below to purchase.

Book your reading for just $27.


5 Days5 Steps To Reclaiming Your Life

These 5 steps will help you begin to unlock your barriers to greater confidence, trust and self-care. This will allow you to transform longstanding situations and behaviours that are not working for you.

You’ll also experience greater levels of creativity and intuition, and build a foundation for healing and transformation to occur.

Instantly downloadable, get your 5 Steps today for just $7.


Reclaim Your Truth

Now available as a home study program you can do at your own pace, this downloadable kit is for brave souls who want to get back in touch with the warrior inside them.

This is a step by step guide to following your inner compass and creating a heart-based life expressing your essence. Read more about this unique program here or click the button below to purchase. Valued at $97, on sale for a limited time at just $25.



tulipClarity Sessions

One to one guidance uniquely tailored to activate your intuition, creativity and natural healing processes.

Instead of looking for answers outside yourself, a clarity session provides a gateway through which you can discover your own insights within.

Access this deep inner wisdom to create new pathways to your dreams.