‘Reclaim Your Truth’ kit

Reclaim Your Truth

Are you ready to uncover the real you and begin living the life of your dreams?

It’s never too late to create a life that expresses who you truly are.


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Do you long to:

  • express more of who you know you are inside instead of conforming to other people’s idea of who you should be?
  • stop doing things that take you even further away from what feels right for you?
  • create a life that makes sense to you, where you can say THIS IS ME and really mean it?

Then this kit is for you – using powerful creative tools you will learn how to release old ‘stories’ so you can create an authentic connection with yourself and others, and discover a life that aligns with your deepest truth. If your life feels like it’s gone off course, it’s probably because you’ve been basing your life choices on inaccurate information and stories that don’t align with your truth. Are you ready to open to possibilities and potentials you’ve only dreamed about? 


What Does This Kit Contain?

TEN fun-filled and thought-provoking instantly downloadable modules designed to  lead you on a powerful journey of transformation during which you will align yourself with the sacred life you came here to live.

Using a variety of simple creative activities, you’ll start to see the real you emerge from the confusing maze you’ve been travelling. Throughout this journey, you will:

  • Set your intention and let your heart guide you to the answers
  • Learn to really tune into your intuition and find powerful answers that are unique to YOU
  • Tap into your creativity to gain a deep understanding of your life so far
  • Have some fun exploring your life story to uncover clues about what’s really important to you and how to bring these things into your life
  • Explore what the REAL you looks like, how she dresses, what her unique style is. If you were fully expressing your unique essence in all areas of your life, who would you be?
  • Use Soul Art® to reconnect with your body and access its wisdom. Receive powerful insights your body and soul need you to know
  • Identify where you are sabotaging yourself and letting others mistreat you. Start setting limits that protect you from the unhelpful beliefs and behaviours of yourself and others
  • Use a camera lens to get a fresh perspective on your life
  • Meet your younger and older selves and receive all the wise advice and loving support they have for you
  • Create a treasure box as a valuable and ongoing gift to yourself. Claim your treasure ♥


With 40 pages of creative activities and personal reflections, this kit will give you a portal back to your true self. This is a step by step guide to following your inner compass and creating a heart-based life that fully expresses your unique essence.


What Sort of Activities are Involved?

We will use a range of mediums for exploring the above areas, such as:

  • collage
  • journalling
  • written activities
  • photography
  • symbol work
  • imagination
  • intuition

and anything else that works for you.  It’s very important to note that you don’t need to have any previous writing or art experience to complete these activities. No prior skills or talent required – this is not an art course, it is a process that uses creative activity as a means of self-exploration. You do not need to share your creations and reflections with anyone unless you choose to, they are for YOU to get to know yourself better and guide you to start making different choices that  honour who you truly are. 


The Keys To Reclaiming Your Truth

These ten modules will enable you to:

  • identify the parts of your life that have been based on inaccurate beliefs, causing you to make choices that aren’t in alignment with what makes you truly you
  • uncover the ‘stories’ you’ve believed about yourself that have taken you away from a creating life that works for YOU
  • start forming a clear picture of what needs to change in order for you to live an authentic life of deep fulfillment.

This comprehensive program includes additional support through access to an online community of like-minded people who are undergoing similar journeys of transformation.  


Here’s What You’ll Receive

To guide and support you through this process, you’ll receive 40 pages of daily practice and reflection in PDF format for instant download that will help unlock your hidden truth so you can start piecing together what you want most in your life. 

A variety of enjoyable and insightful activities which don’t require a large commitment of time, yet are a powerful means of helping you reconnect with YOU.

As you complete each activity, you are invited to post your insights on our Facebook group page (if you want to) and read the insights experienced by others taking the course with you.


What Others Are Saying

Maria said: “I found the process quite revealing and unexpected. It was a relief to gain this new insight that I can now begin to act on. It has the effect of fostering appreciation of the unique and special nature of each of us, of self acceptance, giving up self-blame and shame, lessening stressed feelings e.g. of inadequacy.” 

Michelle said: ”I found the journey enabled me to reconnect with who I am as a person. It reminded me not only who I was a person, but it helped me reflect upon where I was in life and where I wanted to go. I realised I had been so busy fulfilling my responsibilities as a wife, mother and worker, that I had forgotten me. I have now prioritised my life in a way that fits with who I am and not just of what others expect of me. This brings with it a sense of excitement and fun that had been absent from my life for many years.”

Desi said: ”I put my artwork on my bedroom wall and it is still there – it reminds me of the good things I like about myself and my life and how creative I am. So I felt validated by it. It helped at work as we all did it and were able to discuss our journeys and reflections weeks afterwards in a self discovery kind of way.”

Jill said: ”I am now far more conscious of being sure that I hear and acknowledge the way my clients are feeling but also myself and my family.  It is so easy for me to hear all the negative patterns others have and try to jump them into a positive state of being. While I personally don’t like when others try to do that to me…I would continually do that to my daughter.  I have a much deeper awareness of that aspect of my behaviour now.” 




Sale Price: $89

For instant download