Your Sacred Story

What is your Sacred Story?


Your Sacred Story is your own personal fairytale that reveals the true depth of your life’s journey. With your beautifully illustrated and individually designed tale you will:

  • unlock your story in progress and make new meaning of it
  • uncover new pathways to success that you may have not considered before
  • discover what point you’re at on your hero’s journey, and what the next step is
  • step back and see the bigger picture of your life’s purpose
  • and much more!

 You will become the Hero of your journey rather than the victim.

Life is full of twists and turns that can you leave you feeling like you’re down and out, depressed, at a low point in your life. But just like a hero on an epic journey, if you can step back and see the bigger picture, you’ll understand how all these things have actually been leading  to your success.

You can do just that with your own Sacred Story.


MariaMy sacred story had such a powerful effect on me – speaking lovingly and directly to my frightened inner child. I’ve printed it out so I can read it and feel reassured, every day, that healing and change is possible, and is happening. Thank you so much Leanne – your storying is such a precious gift.



JazI was in tears by the end of the second paragraph! And the bit about challenging the beliefs I grew up with, I was only just giving this same advice to someone today and then this arrived in my inbox! Thank you for using my own story, with a sprinkle of fairy dust, to touch my own heart :)



Something in your life might feel like it isn’t working. It may leave you feeling off-balance, overwhelmed, or just plain stuck. You might feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. Or you may be punishing yourself for being stuck in the same position – again.

But here’s the truth: these blocks are actually contributing to your success!

You may be thinking – wait a minute, who are you trying to fool here?

Think about it – how many times have you gone through something that was a huge challenge and you later realised how much good came from it? In fact, the good things that have happened in your life would never have come about without those crazy twists and the turns, the tough stuff.


AmethystMy Sacred Story not only showed me the next step to take on my life journey, but also gave me the permission to take it. I know that the changes I make as a result of this will be life-changing. I’ve printed it out to take on vacation with me!



CatherineI love my Sacred Story so much it actually made me cry! I thought I was on the wrong path but I realise now how it all fits and how much I’ve learned along the way. Thank you so much for doing this.



Instead of blaming yourself for your challenges, or getting more depressed about where you are (or aren’t), you can take control and become your own hero instead of feeling victimised.

Using the power of metaphor, your Sacred Story will help you gain a new perspective about your journey – and your life – so far. More importantly, you will locate the signposts that are pointing the way to your next steps.

Each journey is individually designed and illustrated with your personal challenges in mind, to show you the real truth about who you are and what has happened to you.


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Your next step:

You’ll return a detailed questionnaire to start the process that will reveal your Sacred Story.  This will go to the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you would prefer I use a different address, just drop me a note .


What you’ll receive:

Your Sacred Story will arrive with beautiful imagery to illustrate your hero’s journey. This will be emailed to you with detailed instructions on how to get the most from your new story. You will be able to print it out and have it framed or laminated and have it with you forever to accompany you on your soul path.


How it works:

You’ll be involved in the development of your Sacred Story every step of the way. By working together we’ll ensure that we’re unlocking the deepest mysteries of your soul. I draw on the content you provide me in your questionnaire along with my own intuition, so the more information you can share the better!


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