Introducing the new Soulful Life Sanctuary

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Introducing the new Soulful Life Sanctuary


Soulful Life Sanctuary


Are you ready to slow down, exhale, and reconnect with your soul?

Would you like to connect with like-minded people and support one another on your journeys?

If you’re longing to relax, share openly, and experience deep connections, I’d love to introduce you to the Soulful Life Sanctuary. It’s a space where you can be your true, authentic self, be supported, and simply BE.


The Soulful Life Sanctuary includes a loving, supportive community, a virtual classroom/retreat center, and a set of tools/resources to help you live your most radiant, authentic, soulful life.

It was created by my friend, Jodi Chapman (no we’re not related, but we pretend we’re long-lost cousins) – she’s the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak, and the popular Beliefnet column, Heart of the Soul. 

The Sanctuary is literally packed with TONS of goodies to help you connect with like-minded souls, reconnect with your own soul, and feel fully alive. 

The Sanctuary doors open on July 1, but you can sign up right now and receive an earlybird discount of $100 (until June 30) + over $2000 in bonus gifts (to the first 50 members)!


Soulful Life Sanctuary


Here’s a taste of what’s included:

  • Unlimited Sanctuary Access for 12 Months + Discounted Price for Life – You’ll be able to pick and choose from a huge “buffet” of soulful offerings—from e-courses and live classes to blogs and forums…and so much more! Plus, you’ll stay at the super-low earlybird price for as long as you stay a member, regardless of future price increases!
  • Sacred Spaces and Soul Guides – Over a dozen virtual “rooms” focused on soulful topics such as Spirituality, Wellness, Abundance, Soulful Parenting, Self Love and Relationships, and much more—led by 12 Soul Guides, experts in each area. Look for me in the Creativity space!
  • E-courses – You’ll have instant access to ALL of Jodi’s e-courses—including her popular “Coming Back to Life” course and many others (nine available immediately, with at least three more being added within the year)—on topics including soulful journaling, relationships, soulful business tips, gratitude, manifestation, daily spiritual practice, and much more!
  • Live and Archived Classes – You’ll get free access to online classes on a wide variety of topics—ranging from intuition and psychic readings to life coaching and nutrition. You can attend live or through an archive, which you can access at any time during your membership. You can even apply to teach your own class!
  • Private Facebook Community – As a member, you’ll have access to the sanctuary’s private Facebook community, which is a safe space for you to connect with the other members and also Jodi and the Soul Guides. 
  • Your Own Personalized Page – You’ll be able to create a personal page where you can upload photos, share about yourself, see your latest activities, and read and respond to comments that other members have left for you.
  • Soulful Blogs – As a Sanctuary member, you can share your soulful wisdom through your blog, and you can also be inspired by reading others’ blogs! It’s a great way for us to connect and learn from each other.
  • Sanctuary Shop – You’ll have access to a wide variety of discounted soulful gifts and services—all from Sanctuary members. You can also apply to have your products/services listed in the shop, where you’ll be able to reach thousands with your own soulful offerings!
  • Optional Monthly Skype Sessions and Facebook Parties – As a Sanctuary Member, you’ll also have the option to be part of the Soul Shakers’ community, which includes monthly Skype sessions (in groups of 9 or fewer), as well as a private forum where we can connect even deeper and support each other in reaching our dreams authentically and soulfully!

…and so much more, including almost $2000 in Bonus Gifts to the first 50 people to register.


Soulful Life Sanctuary


More than anything else though, the Soulful Life Sanctuary is a sacred space where you can slow down, listen to your soul’s whispers, and connect with that deepest part of yourself…and others! It’s a place where you can reconnect with that beautiful light that shines within you…and share it with the world. It’s a place where you can come home…to your true self.

Isn’t it time you allowed yourself to shine, to live fully, to slow down and listen to your soul? To be a part of a loving community?

It’s time for each of us to allow ourselves to have that. If your soul is jumping up and down saying YES, YES, YES… then, please click here to learn more and find out how you can begin your Soulful Life Sanctuary membership today!


P.S. Remember to sign up by June 30 to receive your $100 discount (and lock in that low price for as long as you stay in the Sanctuary!) + over $2000 in bonus gifts to the first 50 members. I’ll see you there!