The Modern Day Hero’s Journey

The Modern Day Hero’s Journey

A 5 week guided journey into the depths of your soul


Do you struggle with shame, lack of direction, the feeling that something is missing? Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, your dreams, your inner knowing? Maybe your relationships are not as supportive or as close as you would like them to be.  




My struggles in these areas led me on a long journey into the darkness where I lost my way for a while. I didn’t have any mentors or companions walking the same way, and I often stumbled. Eventually I found like-minded souls who were able to shine a light ahead as I created my path, and in the shadows I found the lost parts of myself. I had left them there in the dark because I was taught they were unacceptable.  When I brought them back into the light I discovered this was far from true – these things were in fact treasures.


If you long to find peace and wholeness, to find direction and a supportive tribe, and reconnect with your lost dreams and intuition, I invite you to explore this unique course designed to take you back to yourself.


Come barefoot with us into the shadows and reclaim the hidden treasures you left behind.

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SOLD OUT  - home study version available May 12


Week #1: Preparation for the Journey

 treasure map

This step will help you prepare for the descent into the shadows. Just like preparing for any journey, there are things you need to do before setting out.  We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared and have all you need.


Week #2: Answering the call

call to action 

This step will help you acknowledge what is rising up from deep within. What are you yearning for? What are you grieving? Here you will begin to confront your fears and prepare for a journey of transformative change.  


Week #3: Entering the Cave

enter the cave 

In this step you’ll be guided into new territory where the rules are different. Identify what your obstacles are, what holds you back, and what will be different when you remove these barriers. Here you will pass the tests and complete the tasks needed to open doors you didn’t even know were there. 


Week #4: Taming the Dragon


Confront your greatest fears and, in doing so, create new beginnings. New life is born here. Once you confront your dragon, you can never go back to who you were. This is the point where awareness becomes action – the moment of life-changing transformation. 


Week #5: The Return

treasure return2

This step will guide you home. You will know the answers to the questions:

Who will I be now I am free from past limitations? What is my treasure, how will I keep it safe, and how will I use it to transform the world as the treasure has transformed me?

This is your life’s purpose.  



It’s time to take back your life

Many of us find our lives have gone off track and we’ve ended up living in ways that don’t truly represent who we are inside. The five key steps outlined above will allow you to take back your life and start living from your heart. This five week journey requires you to step out of your familiar world and explore the darkness. Here you’ll find the courage to come out of hiding and confront your limiting beliefs. This is where your treasure lies.



Enter the shadows here

 SOLD OUT  - home study version available June 12



Your investment is AUD$99 for the full five weeks (approx. US$92 / £54).


What you’ll receive:

* Five audio modules 
* Five downloadable PDF worksheets
* Soulful prompts for journalling and healing
* Creative assignments for finding and honouring your wounded parts
* Support and companionship as you find your way again
* A private classroom for sharing your discoveries and recoveries
* Personal feedback on your classroom posts
* Encouragement and celebration of your treasures and triumphs


Course dates:

Enrolling Soon! As a home study program you can start whenever you’re ready. You’ll receive an email each week for five weeks containing a link to your private classroom for that week’s step.  Occasionally the course will be offered live, if you prefer to do it this way make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to hear about the next live dates.


Your Guide:

Leanne Chapman

Leanne Chapman is a psychologist, art therapist, Soul Art® guide and writer. She believes art, creativity and nature are valuable parts of the healing process. Leanne works with heroes and heroines who want to live heart-based soul-guided lives, creating deep spiritual connections with themselves and others.