The Wisdom of Horses

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The Wisdom of Horses

Last year I blogged about my experience with equine-assisted therapy / life coaching where I did a number of sessions interacting with horses to learn more about myself. I hope one day to offer this work to others as a practitioner because I gained so much wisdom from these amazing creatures.


In the meantime I’ve written an article for The Professional Therapist on how this approach works which was published this week. If you’d like to learn more about this you can read the article here, and if you click on the category horses you can read more about my own experiences last year.


  1. Congratulations on having your article published, Leanne!
    It was interesting to learn a bit more about equine therapy–I had only heard of it being used with people with intellectual impairments, so it’s interesting to see the range of treatment possibilities.

    • Thanks so much Gigi. I’m still learning about it all myself as it’s being used for a wider range of applications all the time. The more people who realise the amazing wisdom these animals offer us the better :)

  2. Leanne, Congratulations of the published article! I found your post from the Goddess Circle and wanted to congratulate you, too, on the work you are doing to move your business forward by exploring your niche. An inspiration, thank you!


    • Thanks Crystal, still finding my niche but it’s fun exploring :)

  3. Loved it, so informative and thought provoking. Well done on getting published. I love how each horse assisted each step of the journey to transformation. Powerful stuff , I’m working on a large community project at the moment and this has really helped frame some of the issues myself and the team will be encountering with clients some who are experiencing extreme challenges in their life. I love horses , so magical, graceful and strong. Thank You

    • Mary, thanks so much. Your community project sounds really intriguing – I’m glad you got some more clarity around it. The horses really are magical :)

  4. Congratulations on publication, Leanne – how cool is that???? I love the picture at the top too – is that you with the horse?



    • Thanks Tanja! Yes that’s me with Sonney – I was trying to take his photo but he kept trying to eat the camera :)

  5. Very interesting! Horses have such varied personalities and they are so intelligent. I am always amazed that even with no words, they communicate their wishes and their will. I”ve never heard of this type of therapy before but it does not surprise me that horses can be part of a therapeutic team.

    • Thanks for dropping by Lee. Yes they don’t need words as they can communicate much more clearly than we can!

  6. Congratulations on the published article Leanne – it’s something I’d love to try, I saw a TV program about it a few years ago, and it was miraculous! x

    • Thanks Donna. It’s becoming more well-known now and there are more opportunities to try it out. It can be life changing :)


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