Treasure Mapping

Confused? Lacking direction? Get Your Personal Treasure Map!


If you’ve been feeling confused about what to do and looking for direction about your next steps, your Treasure Map will provide intuitive guidance, individually tailored just for you.  


By combining the wisdom of three powerful oracle decks, you’ll get a complete message of inspiration and support to get you unstuck and moving forward again.




treasure map

Welcome into the Treasure Trove

Imagine you have walked into a secluded clearing bathed in a circle of light. There is soft green grass under your bare feet and a thick forest of trees surrounding you.


Out of the corner of your eye you notice small movements and tiny lights in the trees. These are the goddesses, journey guides and animal messengers arriving to offer guidance on your path through the wilderness to where your treasure lies.


This is an opportunity to sit down and rest, close your eyes and open your mind to their intuitive wisdom and guidance. Here you’ll receive messages to direct, support and guide you on your next step.




card reading


The Goddesses 

These are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life.


The Journey cards
These will help awaken you to the infinite wisdom within, gently guiding you into the next stage of your journey.


Animal medicine 
This powerful native tradition draws upon ancient wisdom to provide insight and understanding about your unique purpose in life. 



How To Book

Once you book your reading, I’ll receive an email confirming this which will contain your email address. I’ll create your Treasure Map and send it to you within one week (but probably sooner) using the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you would prefer to use a different address, just drop me a note .





Intuitive work is not a substitute for medical care.  Information shared here should not be considered a replacement for a professional health care consultation.

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