What’s the Meaning Of This?

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What’s the Meaning Of This?

This time I’m welcoming guest blogger Renee Avard back to the blog – she has another inspiring list to share along with an important message about not bypassing our emotions when we’re in the process of healing. I hope you enjoy this great article – you can read more about Renee below.


Heal, healing, healed – there is much to be said about this word so let’s start with the official definition of ‘healing’:

The process of making of becoming sound and healthy again”

Tending to heal, therapeutic”


Look at that first sentence – to become sound and healthy again. That, to me, implies something is wrong. Who are we to define when someone is in need of “healing” or fixing?

I find that when we are in spots that we need to ‘heal’, often it is just a matter of coming into a new awareness. The best thing to do is to honor where you are at whatever stage you might be in Life. Go through the motions – and emotions – of the matter. Let things happen as they are supposed to happen. 

If you are angry, be angry. If you are sad, be sad. Allow yourself to be in the here and now with your emotions. Do not try and rush past the feelings that you are supposed to go through. Life has placed you in this spot for a reason – and the only way to be aware of the reason(s) is to trust, allow, and feel.

If you need to find therapeutic relief from physical pain, emotional trauma, or troubled relationships, as well as any other circumstance that could make you feel ‘less than 100%, the following list could be just what is necessary to move forward: 

  • Write letters but never sending them.
  • Performing a ritual.
  • Burning bowl ceremony.
  • Writing down and sorting through emotions.
  • Create a collage either digitally or in a scrap-book.
  • Cry. Laugh. Yell. Forgive. Let go.
  • Oracle/Angel/Tarot card readings.
  • Deep-tissue massages.
  • Reading inspirational words.
  • Listen to music.
  • Watch You Tube videos.
  • Burn incense or candles.
  • Smudge your house.
  • Pray and meditate.

Above all, know you do not need to be fixed and you are not inherently broken. You are human, going through the human experience. And we all falter from time to time…this does not mean we need ‘healing’ as much as we need understanding.

© Renee Avard 2013


Forever learning, Renee is both a student and a guide who is here to show you how to allow your star inside to lighten life outside. She believes we are ALL worth catching. Follow Renee and her endeavors at her site and on Facebook.


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